Network marketing case classic DHC marketing

At present, the traditional enterprise

heart itch, want to wave their own e-commerce, want to own enterprise website to do with marketing force, regrettable thing is, at the beginning of the establishment of the time, not from the view of marketing website design. Leads to a routine for all corporate websites.

I personally recommend the following two sites for your reference.


Taiwan HOLA:

production enterprises to do their own network marketing, sales site, the need to address the following issues:

1, let users know you

2, let users find your

3, so that users want to buy your

4, allowing users to come back to buy

has been concerned about the DHC, I strongly do not love Japanese products, every time I’ll try not to buy Japanese goods; buy Japanese goods will go back and self learning technology to the barbarians, advantages, Japan’s intelligence awareness, focus, seriously; fine industrial production, we need to learn from.

DHC marketing means we need to learn and learn; after all, is an effective marketing.

DHC is a cosmetic brand in Japan, it entered the Chinese market compared to a lot of time compared to other European and American brands late.

DHC is more willing to sell their own model of cosmetics into the inside of the "DELL model" – the most talked about in the DELL model is customized production and direct sales. In order to realize the direct sales of no intermediate links from the company to the consumer, the DELL company to provide telephone ordering one-on-one consulting services for users, to help users understand the product performance, choose the most suitable models; and set up a very detailed user profile; price completely transparent open; the user can through the website or free telephone orders buy products directly; the factory, quality can be guaranteed completely; DELL customer center has multilingual technical support engineer, by telephone to solve customer technical issues the success rate is very high, for the convenience of sales to provide a strong guarantee.

and DELL are similar, the DHC model is "communication marketing" – DHC uses network sales, telephone sales, catalog sales mode operation, not in the stores and open independent stores, the product reaches the consumer directly, save a lot of unnecessary intermediate links, the more affordable to buy DHC products consumers.

DHC products cover basic care, special care, makeup, perfume, cosmetics and special kits, including the six major product line more than 100 kinds of products. Due to the use of communications sales model, DHC is able to save the cost of intermediate links for market research and products >