Wuhan merchants flocked to open micro-blog sell things popular hot and cold uneven


now control more and more, Wuhan major shopping malls have from smell opportunities, have woven" Bib "in" micro marketing ", but the popularity of lengrebujun.

is equivalent to free advertising

yesterday, he saw the official website of micro-blog Wuhan micro-blog official release of information: a new Australian brand, the main high-grade sheepskin boots. She is going to buy winter boots, after work to go shopping in a.

Wuhan the vast majority of large shopping malls, now has become a micro-blog. Some shopping malls micro marketing approach gradually more, in addition to the release of new listing on micro-blog, discount activities, fashion trends, reminders and other information life, as well as a number of interactive activities with the fans. For example, micro-blog launched forwarding comments gifts, upload photos to micro-blog trendsetter fan awards and other activities of the official micro-blog center department.

shopping clan Shaw said that she will be Wuhan’s major shopping malls are the official micro-blog with attention, not only can the first discount information goods than three, can more easily see the quarter popular elements and each brand new listing time, convenient and quick.

mall said, the mall official micro-blog fans are mostly targeted customers, effective dissemination of information dissemination of businesses rate is relatively high, partly as a result of the sale, but actually pull the number of sales, there is no specific statistical data. There are businesses admitted that micro-blog’s communication is very strong, in addition to network maintenance, almost no cost, the equivalent of free advertising, so many businesses keen to do micro marketing".

some stores do not attach importance to

reporter noted that the local shopping malls micro-blog relatively low heat. Wuhan department store has more than 5.1 fans, the central department store has 16 thousand people, the New World Department Store Fashion Plaza has a population of 13 thousand people, Han street, group light, Wu Guang, the country has thousands of people. Some shopping malls have released hundreds of micro-blog information forwarded.

in a mall in Wuchang, as of the morning of 4, only 232 micro-blog fans; a mall in Hankou, micro-blog fans only more than and 90 people, content updates are very slow, 4 reporters see, on which a micro-blog released time still in October 28th.

insiders said, some shopping malls opened micro-blog, just for people I would have considered, yet the position of micro-blog marketing at the traditional marketing and the equally important, in the maintenance management is obviously lagging behind, not a micro-blog specialist, lack of interaction with the fans, not timely feedback to customer feedback, part shopping malls and even a few days do not send a message, which will lower the attention of fans enthusiasm, "micro marketing" is also difficult to have effect.

Hongkong a mall fans over one million

according to DCCI Internet data center predicts that by the end of this year, China’s Internet will not repeat the number of micro-blog users will reach 100 million by the end of 2013, is expected to reach