Open up the procurement channels to send and receive online orders into small and medium enterprises

macro economic growth fell to bring one of the symptoms of depression scale in the traditional industry is vulnerable to the impact on small and medium-sized enterprises affiliated with the Internet, those who know how to open up the "second battlefield" on the network has ushered in a decline in new life. At the beginning of the national finance with unprecedented generous investment "rescue", in the size of the whole industry is far from enough. To rely more on the development of own practice can bend around the reef, open channel change danger into safety driving a boat million years.

under the pressure of market competition, a considerable part of the traditional industry to find ways to sell products to expand market share, increase sales revenue. However, due to its inherent limitations in the formation of the sales model or other characteristics of the industry for many years, so that it is limited to the human sea tactics thinking, running out of business every day. Unfortunately, at present, few companies can achieve a major breakthrough, but increase the cost of business operations, so that money is not much to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises are therefore no longer be a drag on.

and another part of the enterprise, with the help of information technology to successfully enhance their competitiveness. Their success is not a mystery, perhaps only one step ahead have the courage to try, through the network to build their own B2B e-commerce platform, through the network to sell goods. In this way, they greatly broaden the sales channels.

as long as it is a buyer supplier, they can put the demand for sale on the internet. The openness of network information, the different marketing channels and traditional lines, in theory it can wait for the harvest. Even if this is done, the pre network marketing technology, professionals, coupled with different network marketing platform maintenance procedures vary, still makes many companies flinch.

B2B professional search engine ( provides a hundred responses to a single call to a new network sales promotion channels: enterprises registered an electronic shops on the platform, similar to that in the supermarket occupies a berth, just put the product put out, the sale demand will soon find the shops.

recommendation technology business a hundred responses to a single call only available to VIP users, users buy or sell products as long as the release of demand, business opportunities will automatically search for screening recommendation technology to meet the requirements of the information to the merchant. On the other hand, the user’s own shops will also be promoted, as long as the set of keywords, in the daily network promotion, which is also an excellent opportunity to expand business and brand awareness. At present, carry out "a hundred responses to a single call three month trial experience 100 yuan win sales activities, these two services are widely used in small and medium-sized enterprises to participate in the experience.

a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises are participating in this activity through exploratory and online marketing, B2B e-commerce has a deeper understanding. They are determined to become a hundred responses to a single call for greater input entrance of the Internet, the first to participate in the activities of experience in some have received the results, they learned in the online business can also receiving orders.

according to statistics, a large amount of online orders, with an average of more than 70 thousand yuan per. This is also the network across the region, under the control of freight costs