Tokyo Jing Bao Bei alleged misappropriation of small businesses profit of its capital chain may have

Jingdong push Bei Jing business to supplier lending alleged misappropriation of small and medium businesses profit

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) after the balance treasure popular, Jingdong also announced a full jump into the Internet financial battlefield. Yesterday, the head of the Ministry of finance Jingdong said it would first cut from the supply chain finance, as the Internet financial force point. And at the same time the launch of the product supply chain financing — "Bei jing". At the same time also revealed that, for individual users financing project will be in January next year before the end of the line.

accused of small businesses accounted for

from the beginning of March 2012, Jingdong has begun planning supply chain financial services. Jing Bao Bei require suppliers to have trade cooperation with Jingdong for more than 3 months, you can apply for. Without collateral and security. Jingdong according to the data on the supply chain, according to some indicators to make a rating, given financing. The cost of financing the product is about 10%.

due to the business relationship between the supplier and the Jingdong, once the customer does not automatically repayment, he will be used in the settlement of the repayment of Jingdong.

due to the retail industry account period, the contradiction between the supplier and the electronic business platform outbreak. Earlier this year, the domestic brand electricity supplier AFU oil founder of the God of God on the micro-blog publicly denounced Jingdong in arrears of their own money.

at the end of 2012, the Jingdong began to put forward the "supply chain finance" concept, a rival Jingdong pointed out that supply chain finance practice is to use their dominant position, require suppliers to put the account to the Jingdong, and then give loans to suppliers, accounted for small and medium businesses profit.

"he (vendor) has real financing needs. If you do not get financial services from Jingdong, he will have this demand, just Jingdong financial saw the opportunity to intervene." Liu Changhong interpretation.

analysts said Jingdong funding chain or pressure

the Jing Bao Bei completely by the Jingdong to provide their own funds and operations, as well as the current focus in the field of finance investment analysis thinks, overweight, the way of listed Jingdong formed capital chain pressure in the line of financial products in the process of.

Jingdong mall capital chain has been a topic of concern to the outside world. On the payment of the loss and loss of suppliers of the news constantly spread. In July last year, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong had exposed on micro-blog, said in the first half of 2012 performance report, only one figure is ugly: net profit is negative!

so far, Jingdong has completed the four round of financing, the most recent in February of this year, the completion of approximately $700 million of common equity financing.

Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center Director Cao Lei said, compared with the traditional Internet business model is not enterprise mode, when the Internet finance is staking, to build the core competitiveness, the Jingdong must also be involved. He said that the Liquidity Fund > Jingdong in Bei Jing Bao project offers from suppliers