Handle network Wu Bo good buy companies should be profitable at the end

handle net CEO Wu wave


technology news March 6th morning news, because CEO handle IPO issues for a long time Wu Bo low-key today in online shopping integrity forum site, before IPO for delay and whether to restart the IPO thing about, but he points to do good business group purchase should be in the end of the year, profit before.

today announced the opening of 12315 lashou green consumption channel, Wu Bo on the matter said that in 2012 the electricity supplier should do group purchase and meticulous service, and handle network has been in this area to do a lot of work, "the enterprise group purchase by the end of this year should earn money".

when asked about the good enterprise group purchase standard, Wu Bo said to have a good service for consumers and businesses, and whether in the treatment of lashou can achieve profitability by the end of this issue, Wu Bo did not answer, saying only that "are trying to handle". According to data released in 2011, the handle network in the first half of 390 million yuan loss in the first half of 2011.

yesterday, the U.S. mission network disclosed as of March annual sales data, said sales reached 1 billion 800 million yuan. Wu Bo did not give the appropriate data hand, only to say that the United States is certainly higher than the u.s..

is the recent continuous China auto rental, vip.com, easy media and other China company plans to the United States IPO, referring to the capital environmental issues, Wu Bo said the market IPO America Inc. has been warmer, but Chinese companies in the U.S. IPO market environment remains to be seen. (Cui Xi)