Dangdang.com 400 thousand books and 50 percent off continue to challenge the double 11

March 28th, Dangdang Book re launched 400 thousand kinds of books in the promotional activities of the 50 percent off will continue to 24 points, while the 50 thousand kinds of children’s books continued in the first two days of the full 5 free 1 of the intensity of the 29. Dangdang books in accordance with the usual price discount rate of 6-7 discount, full 5 free of charge up to enjoy the maximum discount of 20 percent off, the maximum discount of less than 50 percent off in the following 1. 27, Dangdang launched a period of about 2 days known as the spring and summer double of the audience of the top 50 percent off clothing activities, the first day of sales exceeded 30 million, has broken Dangdang clothing last year, double the sales record of 11 of 22 million. Dangdang books, clothing two strategic categories in March also launched the promotion of the 50 percent off, the force to build the first half of the double 11".

in the early months of this year, Dangdang launched a wave of books that are 50 percent off of the top 400 thousand activities of the book, get a single day to receive orders to break through the book of 500 thousand single, cumulative sales of more than 2 million books. Two times a month 50 percent off big promotion is rare in the industry, this book dangdang.com Department official said: "at present, dangdang.com occupy books and online shopping market half of the river, promote national reading has been done for many years dangdang.com. So, we would like to book 50 percent off, to create a brand activity dangdang."

the book 50 percent off activities involving the single product also includes a recent bestseller lists of selling books, borrow the movie again became "les miserables" is a Book of the recent sales index rose fastest in a novel, the China Translation Publishing Company in the famous translation to 50 percent off sales.

Internet analysts said the recent launch of Dangdang books, clothing big efforts to promote, contrary to the laws of electricity supplier sales. General electricity supplier in the first quarter is the off-season sales, but the current sales situation Dangdang, even better than last year’s double 11, able to create such a peak in the off-season, indeed very unexpected. If Dangdang’s anti season double 11 is recognized by consumers, do not rule out other electricity providers to follow up, so as to create an online shopping Carnival in the first half possible.