Song Cheng Yimin soil electric capital will create new business outlet generation operation

, once the electricity supplier has been very influential, hot hit "traditional" label, has become the traditional electricity supplier. On the other hand, the industry on the electricity supplier bonus period has passed, electricity generation operation die voice is also rampant.

but the recent capital generation operators electricity supplier CEO Cheng Yimin soil song still believe that the electricity supplier industry is still in the air, and Internet plus era will have a new outlet, and electricity Shang operators will continue to upgrade, because the traditional business into the Internet will more and more intense in the.

in addition, as the capital of the electricity supplier’s attention, the integration of traditional enterprises and electricity providers on behalf of the operating companies will be more closely.

The air is still in the

business, capital ankylose electricity Shang operators

as everyone knows, the winter capital of recently but the song can be heard without end, CEO Cheng Yimin soil electricity supplier, electricity supplier operating capital to heat generation did not decrease, contrary to the result of a new upsurge.

not far, said that since 2014, on behalf of the operating companies achieve capital expansion of news has repeatedly reported. The other has not announced financing event is to be too numerous to enumerate.

following the May 2012 Rui Jinlin Saif 10 million U.S. dollars in the first round of financing, in mid 2014, Rui Jinlin announces B round of investment capital Invensys billion level.

September 2014, the North won the Albert BlueFocus media group (hereinafter referred to as the "blue label") 45 million yuan investment.

December 17, 2014, the electricity supplier shop operators on behalf of the operators of barley electricity providers to get from the venture capital A billion yuan investment.

recently, Marina song recently received a business strategic investment from Zhejiang Industrial capital. Before this, they had created Home Furnishing, wedding, umbrellas, carts and many other categories TOP1, TOP2, TOP7 network, TOP10 and other impressive performance.

October 2015, Beijing new seven day Electronic Commerce Technology Co. company Huayi Schwab investment of 24 million yuan.

This fully reflects the

, although the business was marked "traditional" label, but not as market rumors has become a sunset industry. On November 2014, chairman of the board Ma Alibaba in Xinjiang e-commerce development forum said, not every China electricity providers earn money, including a lot of B2C, but China 90% profitable electricity supplier in Taobao. This is obviously an indisputable fact.

media data show that in 2014 the domestic electricity supplier on behalf of the operation of the industry scale of 260 billion, the annual growth rate of more than 100%. This further validates the electricity supplier on behalf of the operation of the industry has been in fact the rapid development of the situation.

and the capital’s entry, may have been a new hot spot has appeared on behalf of the new field of operation in the air outlet, accelerate its industrial upgrading. North Union Albert COO Zhao Tong had thought that capital >