The peak express truth rookie wisdom but the electricity – nouveau riche

rookie from the day established, has not stopped. Because can not escape the outside line of sight, criticized a lot controversy. As for the recent discussion, let the whole industry to re-examine the value of such a big strategy exactly what kind of value.

has just won the Yunfeng fund billion capital injection, peak express reached a strategic cooperation with the rookie, currently 50% of the orders from Taobao, 70% of the orders from the electricity supplier. Such a layout, almost a microcosm of the entire courier industry. No one knows when the rookie is going to go, the electricity supplier hovering in the hard edge in the profit, has become a mirror of the world express understanding of electricity, must clean up, to meet all users wish.

in this industry is almost crazy, finally someone said a few big truth.

for the following dialogue:

billion state power network

full peak courier vice president Liu Wei

encountered the electricity supplier but did not encounter

nouveau riche

: full billion state power network has many peaks.

full peak Liu Wei: mainly capital operation. We are very concerned about, suddenly became a hot industry. If only from the capital level, the current can be said to be the lifeline of the entire courier industry. Now there is a great difference between the courier and the original, more and more inclined to capital intensive, human resource intensive, information technology intensive direction, are indispensable. In addition, you need a good team to build.

billion state power network: the industry this year very big change. Through capital operation, but also another form of the courier industry in the promotion of fission. Whether the full peak felt the pressure in this regard, the introduction of external funds.

full peak Liu Wei: everyone is the same, facing this pressure. The biggest pressure comes from the rapid development of e-commerce. Electricity supplier’s high growth, directly to the logistics and distribution of the pressure of the end of the warehouse delivery to the courier industry. However, whether it is electricity supplier or courier, the current growth is relatively thick, but also not fine. We are going through a painful stage, this Council should be how to crack, is the core and fundamental pressure.

on the other hand, as a courier, but also inseparable from e-commerce. Full peak current proportion of electricity supplier business is about 70%-80%, look at the industry, other countries are also similar. Of course, our body is still small, this year reached 1 million single. The other few almost rushed to the order of 6 million -700 million orders, imagine, in accordance with the calculation of the proportion of 70%-80%, almost the whole lifeline in the hands of the electricity supplier in the palm.

: the billion state power network express situation is in a dilemma.

full peak Liu Wei: the key point is that the electricity supplier to the entire industry profits down. I made a joke, we (courier) this time service is to help poor". You say, if we serve