Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong new retail will better understand human

Switzerland January 17th afternoon (Beijing time January 18th morning), Alibaba CEO group Zhang Yong attended the world economic forum 2017 in Davos Switzerland said that with the development of new technologies, new retail future will give a better understanding of human, they enjoy and satisfy the joy of discovery, with never dreamed of happiness and the demand for them.

on the same day, Zhang Yong and WAL-MART Global CEO Dong Minglun (Doug McMillon) on the theme of "Roundtable at the retail future", the new common vision of the future of retail. Round table meeting, whether it is representative of traditional retail WAL-MART, or on behalf of the new retail Alibaba, the two CEO judgment of the future — highly consistent data will become the new energy; people’s life will change because of science and technology; enterprises need the Internet and new technology based on the full range of business restructuring from the inside out to complete.


Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

Zhang Yong at the scene once again to the outside world to explain the Alibaba on the retail future that the new retail thinking. He believes that the future of the integration of online and offline business has not discussed, the key is the use of data technology. Due to the use of data, will be all aspects of business restructuring, resulting in a new business form. "People talk about the fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of things or something else. In fact, these things are based on data. As long as you can master the data, you can change the entire business model."

for traditional retail companies to embrace new retail, embrace the future "topic, WAL-MART global CEO view and CEO view Alibaba agree without prior without previous consultation. Zhang Yong’s view is that every company in the face of new technology and new trend of challenge, especially when the subversive challenge, must be done quickly subvert and reconstruct itself, "we need to make quick change, to think, to avoid new technologies’ kill ‘, but its transformation in new technology." Dong Minglun said, WAL-MART still has a long way to go, we are catching up, we are changing the idea of the past. Although many things are still happening in the past, such as WAL-MART’s store and corporate culture, but also the introduction of technology into the company, from the inside out."

Zhang Yong said that the future of online and offline retail forms will be highly integrated, inventory sharing, members get through, both online and offline, payment will be electronic payment. This means that when consumers into the store, the retailer can obtain information about the customer through its purchase behavior. The function of the store will be part of the change is not only a place of experience, but also a service center.

at the same time, because the consumer can access real-time data, insight into consumer demand, so manufacturers and brands can quickly respond to the real needs of consumers, in the right place, according to the specific needs, and ultimately the formation of Alibaba proposed many years ago, driven by consumer demand.