2016 barley daxiehui electricity supplier electricity supplier in the future, we are still together

as a domestic barley electricity supplier Ali platform and Jingdong platform recognized quality generation operation service providers, in order to love to customers for expression was founded 5 years ago, the headquarters in Guangzhou organized by the future together, will be better "as the theme of the brand appreciation.

the afternoon of July 28th, "the future together will be better" daxiehui barley electricity supplier guests, gathered a large coffee business. Yu Huanwen CEO Yang Fan, chairman of the barley business, Ali mother regional manager Kato Southern China, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong provincial network association long Liu Feina, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong province electricity association long Wang Dan, Yuexiu District people’s government investment promotion service center high Mr. Bao Hua, more than 100 merchants business elite attended the reception, watch live all over the country 3000 many electricity traders online, with warm reviews of barley 5 years the road of entrepreneurship and business growth history, hope that the next five years to create a better quality of barley and the value of service for more electricity traders.


barley ribbon cutting ceremony


"together in the future will be better" daxiehui Sign Wall Photo

in the face of the rapid changes in the era of electricity providers, 5 years of barley and how the customer is coming? What is doing business success? Barley appreciation site 5 keynote speakers, given their answers.

barley electricity supplier general manager Yang Fan: early heart unchanged pursuit of excellence


about the history of the development of barley, barley electricity supplier CEO Yang Fan said, once in the electricity supplier have a fever period in 2013 Q3, expansion of business volume but not, cost pressure, crisis

capital chain rupture nearly bankrupt

site full of dry cargo, viewers have come up with a mobile phone camera

fortunately, the opportunity for the hard work of barley. By all means, on the platform and customer support, through a supplier of barley. In 2014, barley rely on their own tenacity and ability of management made a rare move of commercial services — the establishment of ISO9001:2008 quality management system, greatly enhance the ability of business. Is this, now let the barley have full confidence in the face of the capital of winter, in spite of the difficulty.

Ali mother Kato: burst mode to brand model

you will be reflected off the barley live online, the peak reached 3300

daxiehui, Ali Mama AMP team Southern China District Manager Kato said, the future of the electricity supplier marketing mode is driving business brand road, the most important thing is to recognize yourself in what stage, and the marketing goal of dismantling, each period is different, the corresponding exposure quality, brand reputation and sales stimulation there will also be > dimension