Google Adsense unit price reduction reasons

      unit price reduction is an indisputable fact for many people, although I do not clearly feel that.

      is not the same as the standard for judging the price low, some people say that their current price is only 0.5$or 0.1$before 1$or more, in this situation I think needless to say, their registration Adwords to experience you will have a more profound experience. Advertisers are not fools, if you can give them enough income they will give you a generous return, in the current such a seller’s market conditions, a lot of beautiful dreams are unrealistic.

      of course also decreased said price is indeed a serious problem, because his income has been lower than the average price level of this industry, for example, click the price from 0.01$to 0.03$. Although the highest price advertisers can set a number of keywords is 0.01$, but from the overall point of view on price 0.01$still not acceptable, because Google Adwords did a lot of keywords to adjust the minimum price at the same time, advertisers compete in quality resources has always been there.

      improve the price or the average price of the way there are many, can be adjusted for different reasons in order to achieve the purpose of raising the unit price. Common site differences in the update, so that Google no longer think that your site is a garbage station; reduce the number of ads displayed, reducing the chance of low advertising. This is a good way, but in the majority of people to reduce the price of experience, there is a very important factor, that is invalid clicks.

      that is to say your income is low because the price is not reduced, but the average price decreased, because there are too many invalid clicks is no income, thus diluted your price, this is a lot of people suddenly find themselves at a substantially reduced reason.

      Google is invalid click judgment, including delays, competitors malicious clicks and so on, before it is released on Google, has been improved to ensure the interests of advertisers and publishers. Google’s strategy for invalid clicks is to filter out revenue, that is, you can see the number of clicks in the report but can not see the income.

      we come from some phenomena to observe Google’s invalid click filtering system:


      this is the judgment of the filtration system >