M & a one meter line Baiguoyuan weapons to fresh line of giants

supply chain on the stage of the flow of victory, but the integration of online and offline is the future.


fruit franchise chain in recent years is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot in the next life, and with the combination of online can expand its service radius. Industry leader Baiguoyuan in addition to the counterparts of merger integration, also aimed at the enterprise a fresh fresh O2O meters.

December 11th, officially confirmed by a meter of fresh fruit plantation merger issue, the merger is completed by the replacement of shares, a fresh team has been integrated into rice by 100 orchards, one meter fresh coke Yue founder served as deputy general manager, responsible for business group Baiguoyuan baiguoyuan. Different from the acquisition of fruit beautiful re build team, independent operation of business, one meter will be integrated into the fresh fruit and the beauty of the same romance, romance multiplexing of the supply chain.

meters fresh in early 2015 had received millions of dollars A round of financing from Sequoia Capital, 2015 received $15 million Pre-B round of financing in January 2016 won the Kunlun World Wide Web, OFC lead investor B round of financing, the old shareholders has become the new shareholders of baiguoyuan.

Baiguoyuan fruit development, procurement, distribution, retail business in one. In September 2015, Baiguoyuan obtained the sky map capital investment led 350 million yuan, GF faith party with the cast a total of 50 million yuan of A round of financing; two months after financing, the merger of Beijing fruit more than the United States, then also had fresh era merger chain store, 2016 operating income was 6 billion yuan. Baiguoyuan founder Yu Huiyong said the company is seeking a B round of financing, investment valuation of 6 billion yuan.

in addition, it also with the U.S. group, Jingdong and other platforms to try to cooperate online. In June, 24 meters in a fresh and beautiful city 100 orchards, fruit of cooperation, launched 59 minutes service provided by the O2O business, distribution, delivery and other fun activities dada delicacy logistics service providers.

O2O, fresh electricity enterprises, low customer price, high logistics cost, burn subsidies and other problems that are difficult to overcome, is behind the non standardization, high loss, weak brand awareness, supply chain problems, and this is also the best romance, is the main mode of technology R & D, then water and fruit base OEM, also to temper R & D capability through self orchard.

can be divided into traditional retail fresh fruit / couple stores, large and medium-sized supermarkets, farmers market fruit / franchise chain, Baiguoyuan in 2008 on-line business, but has not dared to lose money, the expansion of the 100 orchards, more need to rely on external forces to do online business. One meter fresh CEO Yue Yue believes that the depth of the combination of the B2C/O2O and the former, will expand the service radius, rich sales scenarios and customer base, increase service contacts and stickiness.

specifically, the fusion is mainly embodied in two aspects of sales and supply chain, such as APP, WeChat mall, through seduction community marketing for romance 1700 stores O2O, B> 20 logistics center based on