B2B industry website can not bear the weight

at present, China’s B2B market industry is expanding too fast, the lack of profit model, are seriously reducing the enthusiasm of investors in the market, but also to the industry’s continued development bottlenecks. And just to get rich investment Chinese cyclone network library CEO Wang Haibo is that China at present is not the true sense of the B2B conversion, the domestic B2B market business model is the inevitable way of self-help.

B2B website profitability is too weak

"China never really B2B website, don’t hold much hope for the B2B industry website, do not blindly follow the trend, otherwise it will xuhuoshangsheng." Yan Yanchun look at the rapid expansion of the number of B2B industry website.

"Chinese industry e-commerce website survey report" shows, from 2002 to 2006, the number of e-commerce sites Chinese industry sustained rapid growth, the average annual growth of more than 15%, some senior industry experts are not optimistic about the seemingly fiery B2B market, the most direct reason is the site of B2B industry’s profitability is too weak.

2006, B2B industry website revenue is only 10 billion yuan. In addition, the global resources and the Alibaba a few years income of more than 150 million yuan of the leading enterprises, the average income of B2B industry site in 2006 was only 5 million 300 thousand yuan, of which 65.17% industry websites annual income of less than 2 million yuan.

It is reported that

, China in more than 2 thousand industries and integrated B2B sites, 90% are at a loss, including hc. Although Guo Fansheng has repeatedly stressed that the international CEO HC HC loss is a strategic choice, but compared to the same period last year, the loss amounted to 60 million 678 thousand yuan in fact, can not always feel relaxed. Guo Fansheng said, "the line for 15 years, every year to earn money, why to lose money on the Internet? The problem is Chinese B2B now is not a healthy competition in the market".

lack of effective profit model

according to the survey data show that most of the current B2B industry website revenue model is still based on membership fees and advertising fees. According to statistics, even some large comprehensive B2B industry website, registered members are not more than 100 thousand. Even 26.45% of the site registered less than 1000 people.

and this is the amount of poor registration, B2B industry to bring the income is not stable. "We are not prepared to charge at the moment." A small business owners told reporters. Allegedly, at present in the B2B industry website, non membership fee accounted for 93%, while the membership fee is only 7%.

due to the lack of effective profit model, investors are not very optimistic about the B2B market. Data show that there is a clear desire to finance the B2B industry accounted for 47% of the site, while the real draw Golden Phoenix less than one of the 25%. financing environment so that more than half of the B2B industry on the site