Taobao announced the 7 day of digital electrical Museum turnover over 100 million

August 27th afternoon news, Taobao mall announced today that the digital appliance Museum in August 19th revision of the promotional activities during the week-long day, 7 days, the total turnover of more than 100 million yuan, the peak single day sales of over 25 million yuan.

previously, Taobao mall digital appliance Museum on the original Taobao mall’s Electrical City page design, service security and other aspects of the improvement and upgrading. Basic electrical digital museum in the security, the original electric city authentic Quanguolianbao service, launched a 24 hour shopping guide service hotline 4001-777-111.

it is reported that, in order to cope with the revision of the service upgrade, the digital electrical Museum joint Lenovo, DELL, NOKIA, Joyoung, PHILPS and other brands launched the opening season special brand day activities.

data show that Taobao mall settled merchants have tens of thousands, more than 30 thousand brands. At present, the average daily application settled Taobao mall merchants more than 200, successfully settled more than 100. In the Taobao mall both Adidas, Lenovo, DELL, Lining, Disney, UNIQLO, and other well-known international brands, also have wheat bags, JUSTYLE, such as wave wave dragon grew up from Taobao on the Amoy brand.