Taobao can’t do it

I do sports shoes wholesale, a year to do a website, now PR4, each keyword ranking is also very good, often to Admin5, learn a lot here today, I also share my experience. My website is I have my shoes wholesale sports shoes brand sports shoes wholesale in the first Baidu bar. Some 200 thousand people a month income, some shops this is Taobao, No one shows any interest in, you can do it is not easy to do Taobao.

do wholesale network in more than 1 years, the number of agents website now has more than 1000 people, has a very deep understanding of the network proxy, here also to prepare to join the agent and the agent has joined friends say that my experience and what I want to say to you in this more than 1 thousand agent, every day business the common point of the one or two, about double the only 100 people, doing well more than and 10 are sold every day in 5 to 30 double. The age is not big, all between 22 to 28 years old, after 80 may be the foundation of electronic commerce, but also create a generation. Why the same product, the same price, some people sell well, some people can not sell, is said to have credibility, it is wrong, now Taobao search rules have been revised, not only rely on credit points to rank, not just to the end of time ranking, the combination of many factors including collection, sales, pageviews, coupled with the recent Taobao people increase rapidly, competition is more intense. But as long as you grasp the following points, you can have a certain market, have their own piece of the sky, do Taobao earn 10 thousand a month, really can not say that high income is too common.

proxy download data packets, even the name does not change on the upload, and then sit in front of the computer business, it is also because of this earlier, do more than talent, everything is changing, you can have a light data business idea is not to make money many people do, like the agent, the agent, why? Because listening to people say how good the money earned, how much money, will open a Taobao shop, then you also want to open a, you open a can, but you really go to the analysis of it, really to understand have you had, really have plans to have their time and energy to prepare themselves and how to do? The sky will never fall, timely occasionally come first, you promptly picked up second pie, you can also pick up, people began to compete for this position. The packet is provided to you in order to save your time, this is the foundation of the house, and some people think that is all, you know, you need to do too much, how do you allow yourself to let others find your talent shows itself? 100 million in merchandise. Please don’t believe you don’t join the train, that means a Taobao just suck money, is indeed a lot of people on the train from home, but that many people in all Taobao users I think is one thousandth of the

do a lot of people, there is no direct train what is the difference, we all through the car, there is no concept of the existence of the car >