Errenzhuan mode, can become a new pole of baby babe network

introduction: I cannot claim that babe network will become outside of Ali, the Jingdong "Errenzhuan" model of the giant vertical pole. But I agree with the company’s business model and path choice, which represents the future of China’s maternal and child electricity supplier.

lotus parent-child down some time ago. Freaky help when buying it at the outset, once high gas. But almost no sound was heard. While on the one hand, babe network D round of financing of $100 million, the baby tree D wheel is obtained 3 billion yuan financing.

2016 maternal and child electricity business destined to be one side of the sea, while the flames, differentiation serious. The flames burned more than two years of stature Chou yinmao. The industry pattern has been generally set.

you may feel that the so-called pattern has been set, more illusory. Because the market has Ali, Jingdong 800 pounds gorilla. Outside of them, who may not speak what emboldened, at most only minor.

1 maternal giant

in the hidden "Errenzhuan" model

Ali, the Jingdong is indeed one of the powerful "Errenzhuan", to the whole market most coerced. But I do not think that in all segments of the industry, especially in the field of mother and child, they can fully control the situation in the future. Maternal and child market, there is still a large platform for the development of soil and conditions, as follows:

first, maternal and child market narrow main point of milk and diapers and other goods, but the generalized maternal industry is an extremely wide range of market segments.

it covers not only the baby is one end, leveraging the young mother, mother, mother to community brands, content practitioners. From the end of the goods, in addition to milk, diapers category, more clothes, shoes, toys, and mother crowd beauty, health, food, furniture and Home Furnishing light luxury category part.

women in the Internet era of consumer decision-making status, I will not say.

this is a large number of upstream suppliers, multi category, large enough market. It’s enough to support a huge platform.

second, in the existing market structure, including "Errenzhuan", contains the same for vertical demands of giants.

"Errenzhuan" occupy the bulk of the maternal and child market. But Ali and Jingdong body mass is too large, a large number of categories, the flow of large, they face the core problem is: a large amount of traffic is increasingly restricted to the bottleneck of the export bottleneck (in the user is the entrance). In the face of them, maternal and child consumption demands obvious users, it is difficult to obtain accurate goods and services.


Ali and Jingdong, of course, there are means to resolve. For example, through the independent division of maternal and child services or channels, to strengthen the vertical layout; through the media means, especially community-based strategy, content and services to diversion, shopping guide. Such as Taobao headlines.

but compared to the platform to create a large flow, >