Personal product network sales experience sharing

do any product sales network, in addition to register these comprehensive business platform in the Alibaba, HC, qinjiayuan release product information, we should also find professional products for small business platform, strong. Here are several reasons:

1, search engine rankings: large web site has a lot of sub columns, these sub columns in general will not be very forward. But only focus on small website industry market segments, because the content is to do around the relevant products, clear this website theme, rich in content, the website ranking in the search results pages ranking, bring the flow more naturally, and the traffic is high the quality, because only the user search and site theme related products, these small B2B website will be ranked in the home, natural users to access the site in search of these products to customers, of course, users into customers, it is also a topic of network marketing.

2, abundant supply and demand information: Like attracts like., when a site Birds of a feather flock together., gathered a lot of people, if a product information for each user, the industry users to send it, we can imagine, then a small B2B website is not small, the supply and demand information so rich we also used to look elsewhere. Buy fruit to the fruit shop, eat it to the hotel, the goal is clear, the place to find the right, you can improve efficiency, reduce costs. Now the Internet information is so rich, but N is the same old stuff, to find the relevant information, it takes time, "time is money", I believe that this sentence is not new.

3, positive attitude: do anything, the most important attitude, serious and perfunctory results are very different. Since there are so enthusiastic people to build a platform for us, we should give support, the easiest way is to register and then release product information. Moreover, now the site is free registration, free supply and demand information.

here are a very important point, first of all you have thought about it, to build e-commerce platform for people who spend so much time to do, is certainly hope to take this platform out, at least in the segments of the industry circle can have a good reputation, so that if one is certainly the highest number. The pursuit of these people. For this purpose, they will take time, effort to promote their own websites, whether it is paid or any other way, but one thing is for sure, search engine optimization ranking is the first promotion way (this is our first mentioned).

then, send a message on the Internet, your product is to see the chance of doubling, if you put neatly in the product description on your company’s website address, can also add more the chain for the company website, website optimization all know that a website ranking will go up, external the link is very important.

said so much, a word to sum up:

you publish product information >