Why would cook the woman, do micro business more powerful

housewife has become a micro business backbone

Oh, mom, you’re going to do micro business? Oh, wife, you have to do micro business? I heard good cooking woman, do more derivative. Now let’s look at the relationship between the woman who is good at cooking and the micro chamber.

as we all know, micro business group, the housewife accounted for a large proportion, because of their leisure time, financial abundance, so the low threshold of the micro business industry, the achievement of a new career many housewives. There are people who ridicule, aunt who in the world was, in here, we said the housewife may be from the 30 year old Bao mother, may also be the 45 year old middle-aged aunt, no matter from which angle to research, many derivative brand owner have the experience, has become the backbone of the micro housewife taking power in the group.


let us take a look at how the housewife to control their own micro business kingdom. First of all, we must start with some of the characteristics of housewives.

housewife more dedication

good at cooking for her husband a woman, the children do a good meal and effort, for the family acting as a full-time housewife. Such a woman is the most dedicated. Therefore, when doing micro business, you can not be afraid of the spirit of the spirit of hard to play hard. No matter how long communication with friends, no matter how late to stay up late, only to reach an order, and pay a lot of thought, so you can quickly reach a deal to become the leader of the micro business.

housewife more dedication

good at cooking woman, ingenuity, to do a quasi daily necessaries. This woman self-controlled, is also a micro business made be neither humble nor pushy, one of the important characteristics of success. Can not only capture the customer’s purchase of the heart, but also grasp the opportunity to deal with the important, but also the opportunity to create the next purchase. It’s like throwing a handful of salt into the pan, not too much. In her wisdom induction, customers will feel that the product is not to buy them, but also delicious housewives become very high customer loyalty.

housewives broader social circle

is a good cook, and her fans are quite a lot. With one hand good workmanship, her neighbors, her bestie, her son, the parents of students is likely to be her admirer, therefore, her broad circle will become a strong backing for her micro business, she can easily make friends as their customers at the same time, but also the development of many unexpected small loyal agent, let oneself of micro business career so smooth.

will be very careful in reckoning.

housewives woman, she has her character, she is more willing to live very careful in reckoning. Therefore, in the choice of micro brand, will be more than three goods, the company will carefully examine the background of the brand and product quality. Therefore, her derivative of the road can go farther, more far away from the toxic > three products of the