How to open shop how to open the shop steps

shop survival is cruel, there is no good marketing strategy and business ideas, waiting for orders, it is likely to be eliminated. You want to shop is full of customers, we must learn all kinds of skills and methods, which is the key part in the open shop. Let us count what are the effective promotion methods.

1) want to actively develop friends. Want shop sellers to communicate with the outside world the best way to actively explore the marketing situation, to as much as possible to find friends, want more members, popularity is also higher, but the sellers need to recognize that it is a member of the quality how to want, if a stranger or not had transaction relationship, in when you send them promotion links, they may incur resentment. Therefore, if you want to mass, it is best to issue only the order of the customer, or the customer has been consulting orders.

2) do not link directly to the hyperlink. If you want to add a link in the promotion of the article, it can not be directly linked to a long list of links, otherwise it will seriously affect the appearance, may lead to resentment of others. The best way is to link to the picture or keywords, so that customers see the promotion of the article, if you are interested, you will click on the link.

3) published more professional business soft Wen or experience. Sales of goods are related to the professional knowledge or extension, if these can be written content, let more people read through submission, if people see the writing is very helpful, so pay attention to the introduction of goods more opportunities, which will increase the store browse volume.

4) set up the key word promotion. How to open shop, how to improve the shop views skills content, keyword set can not be ignored, it should carefully study their goods related keywords, what keywords are most frequently used, set the number of keywords can have included more consumers, these are the need to consider carefully the shopkeeper. The seller will each place the set keyword, such as title, store space, Wangwang, single commodity description and keyword set is more accurate, the greater the chance to search.

5) the seller alliance and mutual assistance. The so-called people more power, also can realize the mutual cooperation between the seller of the way, such as peer or similar industry sellers give each other joint bundling promotion, joint marketing activities planning, forum posting replies to each other is affixed to the top, is a good method to accumulate popularity.

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