Several methods to attract users of shopping websites

"How to play

in the electronic commerce website promotion booster action" in the text, we mention several representative network marketing methods, including on word-of-mouth marketing user evaluation system, we specifically mentioned the powerful effect of user evaluation of e-commerce sales. As we all know, the user evaluation has many advantages: the establishment of consumer confidence, the advantages of long tail search engine, reduce returns and so on. User evaluation is also a reasonable entrance for social consumption, a series of comments as an online forum. But for most online retailers, it is a challenge to add comments to their web site. Most users have been very upset about the credit card information, so how can you motivate them to take the time to contribute to the review of the product?

well-known e-commerce intelligent application platform experts, Hongkong ocean science and technology believes that, combined with user psychology, there are skills to set some of the benefits, you can attract more users to participate in the evaluation.

1) requires users to comment. Commitment to the user, its participation in the comments can be preferential in the next transaction.

this problem is sensitive to the electronic commerce industry, because if you provide incentives to all consumers, they may not believe that they have the same behavior and people. On the other hand, it does encourage benign repeat sales. However, it is really a good way to make a discount for a future order, which is communicated to the user that they are commenting on the commercial value. Many retailers offer discounts in the purchase order confirmation email.

2) held a contest, with gift card rewards. Hold a contest with the user reviews, giving users a chance to win rewards and avoid direct rebates based on user contributions.

3) good intentions to stimulate users to contribute comments. There have been some user reviews, 1300 users, and 90% of them said they write comments to help others make better purchasing decisions, more than 70% of people want to help manufacturers improve product quality. Good communication, can let the voice from the user to help others, this is more effective than discount and competition incentives.

merchants can consider whether it is necessary to put a more direct input box in the mail, but this may be a good idea, because users do not have to leave the email can provide a comment.

4) email visit, inviting users to comment. Email asks for comments, like other email campaigns, to choose a highly effective topic, document format, invitation, etc.. You have to monitor the opening rate and recovery rate, A/B test, timeline, invitation and e-mail information can help you optimize advertising activities. Email return time is very important, must be when the product has been in the hands of the user, and when fully used