Electricity supplier Entrepreneurship some of the tricks to make you detours

The development of

electronic commerce is increasingly hot, the national online shopping has to start your own business friends, really worthy of this era of opportunity, but the development of electronic commerce to now, has begun to slowly mature, developed a set of their own rules of the game, as before, a kill, can only lose the game ran out.

if you want to enter the market, take a slice, or simply want to start your own business in this industry, then there are some experience and skills, you have to know


1, what to sell their own point of view and the market

The essence of

business is to reduce intermediate links of production factories and customers, purpose or sales, since it is the sales, is not only the simple you sold me to buy, you have to have a comprehensive understanding of the system, you must first know yourself, and market information, such as: you have a relation is the cosmetics brand in the two generation, the price you can get preferential policies, but the function of cosmetics or brand, the market competition is very big, you want a lack of funds for the novice competition, all aspects of the investment will be very huge, all know before venture capital is very important, once broken chain autumn, yellow is not connected, it is finished, but if you have invested a lot of money to purchase, liquidity into the goods No one shows any interest in the current situation, to ensure that only way out, cut like poison Meat bloodletting smashing advertising, go into, but the next inevitable tragedy.

In fact,

is simple, with the gap in the market and find your own advantage, that is the way you want to start a business, the gap is not easy, the second is to find the competition difficulty is small, you can simply meet the resources industry products, but if once confirmed the industry products so, you have to seriously study the trivial analysis of your potential customers, which help people to care about what? What products do not pay attention to what particular?? of their purchase behavior and so on, and your major and minor competitors, analysis their explosion models are what products do what marketing means? Customer attitude toward the product and so on, do not underestimate this step, you know clearly that their sales would be easier.

a lot of people don’t know how the actual operation, my experience is: make a list of three major competitors and minor competitors, according to sales ranking, the store before a few sort, find out, and the main product category linked product prices to almost all prices in the price for after the evaluation, product customer comments on the quality of the product description, sorting out, remember there is a substantive review description of the product, and then according to the primary and secondary competitors a clear record, this is your marketing operation, purchase sales, an important reference value is not underestimated.

2, from the fundamental start, market segments

I know everyone wants to start their own independent