Tmall double eleven push members priority purchase 9 days can be given priority


technology news Beijing time November 8th noon news, Alibaba’s Tmall mall announced today that Tmall client for the double eleven launched the "preemptive" activities, Tmall membership in November 9th ahead of admission panic buying. Tmall’s move is intended to strengthen the membership system and membership rights by double eleven machine.

In addition to this, this year’s eleven

, Tmall also opened a special class for the high class members, to provide exclusive membership. At the same time, in terms of coupons, envelopes and other aspects, Tmall members also enjoy more rights than non members.

Ali said that Tmall specifically on the client to the above members launched a priority purchase rights for users to give priority to purchase coupons. Users can view the number of coupons in the Tmall home page toolbar or Tmall client’s my assets, T1 member 1, T2 member 2, T3 member of the 3, T4 member of the 5. If the user successfully participated in my eleven double endorsement activities, you can also get an additional coupon coupon of 1.

has the priority to purchase coupons, Tmall membership in November 9th 10 by the latest Tmall client with double the price of eleven, payment of membership with priority symbol commodity, then in a dual eleven day payment, without the double eleven day zero seckill. Each coupon means buying a commodity.

Tmall this year for the first time opened up a special member. During the eleven year of this year, the newly established T4 members, is currently the highest rank in the Tmall membership system. Eleven the T4 special goods to co star models, Global Limited Edition, high-end luxury goods, such as Hermes alligator bags, 30 years, 12 years of Carruades de Lafite Moutai…… These rarely discounted high-end merchandise in the double eleven T4 special most gives exciting discount, such as the original about 600000 Hermes alligator bags sold only about 200000 day.

according to the rules before the double eleven day zero to 14:00, only T4 members can purchase a "T4 membership" marked goods. After 14:00, T3 members can also approach the purchase, other members of the class can not participate in this activity.

In addition, T4

also prepared a large number of additional members of the interests of the high class. Headset manufacturers Beats for the user to prepare a golden headset, which will be sent to eleven guests by the mysterious guest of the day in the T4 special turnover of more than 1111 yuan in the. Then every hour eleventh turnover of over 1111 yuan of users in the T4 session, it is possible to obtain the Beats of the fancier headset.


in the double eleven also members prepared exclusive coupons, every day hundreds of shops to receive no threshold. At the same time, there is a member of the "special benefits" – red envelopes. Tmall T1 – T4 members in the latest version of the phone Taobao and Tmall wireless client to receive a red seed, the seed link to a friend, as long as 24 hours