Reasons of self logistics system of big B2C website

Ma earlier announced that it would invest 10 billion yuan in the construction of the logistics system, just completed financing domestic vertical B2C online shoe good music to buy also said the next step will be the main funds to warehousing and logistics, and where customers, Jingdong and other large B2C giants already used the self built logistics system why, these big giants self built logistics system


1, cost factors: before attending the annual meeting on behalf of Jingdong Liu Qiangdong said a single logistics cost is $9, while a few other B2C sites in a single cost of nearly $20, which is a big gap. Here is not only to consider the cost of logistics and distribution costs, as well as the cost of warehouse management, customer service, cost price may be much higher than we imagine. But with the cost of third party courier companies may be double the cost of self logistics, long-term consideration, self built logistics system is imperative.

2, management factors: self built logistics system can better manage the warehouse, real-time display of inventory, and delivery receipt can be more convenient, saves the goods from the line to the customer’s time. Self built logistics system is also convenient for the customer order tracking management, in order to provide better customer service.

3, express constraints: the third party logistics company "four links one of the main services are in Taobao, and Taobao led to continued hot courier companies often appeared warehouse explosion phenomenon, it is certainly not the logistics distribution to meet the requirements of B2C. Third party courier company is mainly through the form of joining, so it is easy to lose a single, slow delivery and other phenomena, there will be a single phenomenon will increase the cost of the entire order, the large B2C site is very unfavorable.

4, customer service service: if you use third party express if the return will add to the cost of the order, and the self built logistics system return service not only can be more efficient for customers to handle, can also reduce the order of the logistics cost. The return is the customer delivery to the warehouse, warehouse to the customer in the replacement of new goods, and the return of self built logistics system can be done within 24 hours with the customer needs the goods returned directly to the hands of customers, at the same time before getting goods goods. This reduces the customer return time and reduce cost, but also can enhance their brand influence.

self built logistics system has some indirect impact on its own brand, the development of the entire e-commerce industry also has a good effect, logistics system must be B2C site pain in the hearts, who can do better, who will be able to seize more market.