The data analysis of the 2012 group purchase website how to win

recently filled with the electricity supplier on the winter atmosphere, buy site is also known as the winter hit. In fact, from the beginning of June, there have been more than 2000 buy site closed, from the beginning of October has more than half of the group buying site does not update for a week. A large number of the group purchase website of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, complaint, complaint center BCP all online shopping complaints, more than 30% from the group purchase website.


then the face of the crisis, how to group purchase website of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the tight encirclement of


traffic is king

look at the current group buying market, we will find a problem, almost all buy site user loyalty and brand awareness are very low. Just because of the purchase of the station itself caused by the structure of the goods, buy fewer goods station, and the shelf cycle is short, and the user is more of a consumer buying impulse. So often appear in front of the user in this site to buy things, the next second will not know which website. With respect to the specific station, they love group purchase navigation, when they determine their goal to go back to have a look at the navigation group purchase group purchase and types of products, basically does not care about this group purchase is which company operation. Thus, a large part of the buy site traffic from the buy navigation station. There is also a part of the search engine, which does not need to do too much explanation. It can be said, buy navigation station and search engine traffic accounted for more than 80% of the site traffic. So from this point of view, if we can adjust the structure of our goods, and to the corresponding commodity keywords do the optimization, grasp the two aspects of good group purchase navigation and search engine traffic, do advertising and affiliate advertising, using micro-blog tools, the customer’s impulsive consumption desire to maximize, still can not play a wave of small climax when the market is sluggish.

vertical subdivision

also said in the above, buy station with its commodity structure and can not be very good to improve customer loyalty and brand awareness. But if we can make a product structure adjustment, open channel segmentation, deep vertical industry. To focus their energy on an industry, and the industry to do fine, do fine. At this time, we buy the station is the industry’s authority to buy, first of all, such a station does not have too much to copy, such a subdivision can not only allow the formation of a strong differentiation between the group buying. Secondly, you can better serve consumers, enhance customer loyalty and brand loyalty, as long as the user to determine the target belongs to this industry, it will come to our station. At the same time, it also facilitates the internal management of the enterprise. Such a vertical subdivision model is a good solution to the problem of users, naturally there will be a greater operating space.

join mode

is committed to the localization of a number of buy station, join the model may also bring them the gospel. This model for headquarters, save time and effort