My new station to apply for Baidu theme promotion why so easy

own station history for a long time, the first to do a work (English teaching) and their combination of website, did not want to do advertising, mainly did not understand website advertising can make money, but also can make money, the total can not think, so most web design is early and work together, as a teaching innovation.

recently, and is also a teacher of English webmaster chat, found his station is simple, the content is not too much, but he said a year can get 2000 yuan of income, at least not fish out of their own space charge (I have been at their own expense space), I think it is, the site must be popular Wang to his, why not try it, at least the space fees can be earned back, oneself also will have more power to innovation and development. To understand a truth, the operation is very fast, less than a week, it introduced the design of a new website (teaching stations do not want to put ads) Google, and the account is passed, all the advertisements are put up. Since that collocation and website content very well. I use the easy design of the station, interested friends can see: College English resources, at present there are about 1000 IP on the site, although the station also Less than two months, Google account only 10 dollars, but my main goal is not to make a lot of money, so the promotion is not doing particularly diligent. English friends can exchange site under Links. Nonsense said so much, or into the theme, the main character is above want to say to listen to the new Adsense, hope to have friends, exchange the same experience friend.

just said well in less than 2 months, begin to apply for Google Advertising (station initially put it), recent forum shopping opportunities, see all the domestic Baidu alliance is the best, therefore, would like to try. A month ago already began to apply through the Baidu search alliance registered, Baidu Adsense. But Baidu theme promotion but also a separate application. Through began to see many webmaster said Baidu theme promotion is very difficult to IP, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of what flow. So, try holding the attitude, a few days ago submitted the application, open the mailbox to see today, I notice have been through the application. Finally have two major league advertising. After less than 3 days, of course, for Baidu also remind me they will handle my application request within three working days. As such a large company, the Of course, the efficiency is still very good, at least from this example to verify the.

was glad, of course I was quickly landing Baidu alliance to see, in fact, is a topic you can get promotion code, because before I saw some friends said that a page can’t put Baidu at the same time, Google Advertising, and before I was put on the Google website station advertising, and heard that Baidu price is not high, not as good as Google, so there is no hanging on the Baidu ad code, hope to have the opportunity to try the number one alliance company in China under the advertising industry.