Amoy boss ten days to learn how to identify Taobao guest Taobao link

Objective: reading a lot of friends I (net Amoy boss) video interview and Guangzhou times information network reported on the guest came to see me and asked me how to do Taobao customers, these problems are each novice must ask the question, so want to want to write a "ten days" the guest will do Taobao tutorial. I hope that through my tutorial can let everyone know what is Taobao guest, know the network of a new industry, the industry can also do a good job of the day into a hundred thousand yuan, also can solve the employment problem. Ten days to learn Taobao’s other day of the course you can Baidu search for the "ten days to learn Taobao off" can be found. Get down! Ten days to learn Tao eighth days, how to identify my Taobao

passenger link?

a few days ago in the tutorial, we have to understand how the basic from Ali mother (now renamed the Taobao alliance) to get Taobao customer links to promote the. Here simply describe some basic processes.

landing Taobao Alliance ( click on Taobao customers, access to various forms to promote the link page. To get their own promotion link. Basically follow this process to get the link will not be a problem. However, if the other places in the modification of Taobao guest links, how to view the modified link is valid, whether it can be recorded as their own promotion. Do not look at this small details, reproduced in the post article forwarded this skill is very important.


a, Taobao single product and store promotion Link validity identification

single link and shop links are relatively short, but after the opening, the site automatically jump to a very long. So how to check the guest is effective after the jump to see the link state.

1, after waiting for the end of the jump, whether you can display a single product and store. If not, the link is a problem.

2, jump over, see the URL of the back

such as single product link: I=qvFRwdr4%2Bt2mxA%3D%3D& p=mm_10031516_0_0& n=11

After the jump into

:–.jhtml taomi=8aR2LQR6GJPbLffKKmHggx%2F%2BjeCu5AaXkHKeP6ARTXfajIz% 2FoykS3Vk8JWdSjpWVVS6QPAw2EjXvknVYIg%2BXjUN9PuO%2B4kzMRh4ig7B5EQd%2BS%2BNR0e09MzrGTGZpGZDlJ8TMkMn0NuNR2dDh1>?