From the website function how to analyze the electronic commerce development occasion

old saying "the enemy, to win", this sentence is seldom used in electronic commerce in the war. Everything in this suit in a number of similar sites staggering, how to maintain the advantage in the fierce competition has become a topic of great concern to every webmaster. The necessary condition to realize the competition is to stand head and shoulders above others to find out your competitors, including peer operating platform, function design, existing advantages disadvantages etc.. So what should we start with?

first of all, keep up with the market situation, analysis of the industry’s big head and major competitors. I believe you have in front of the station in the industry has been analyzed on the market, but to understand the situation of peer competitors only stay in front of the building is not enough awareness. The e-commerce market is changing rapidly, the speed of the replacement of the opponent is also very fast, real-time understanding of the main competitors and potential competitors, so as to change the initiative, to make better adjustments to the competitive strategy. Changes in market momentum, but also to adjust the direction in a timely manner, not eliminated by the market. At the same time, each peer may have slightly different, timely update their information in order to lay a solid foundation for further in-depth exploration. It is worth noting that the need to define the opponent and the strength of the industry, their strength and popularity, from the angle of scale in classification, in order to understand the practice stage.

secondly, the practice of operation, summed up the opponent’s functional design. In the design of a web page style, function, service, etc., the function of a large part of the decision on how to operate the site, which requires a strong function to attract customer transactions. Go to the site of the opponent’s practice, in-depth understanding of each other’s functional settings, is conducive to better optimize the effectiveness of enterprises. For example, the program is a focus on the supermarket software intermediary trading platform, so in the field to understand the other software to do the set of opponents, respectively, to lock their target site, one by one for functional mining. Register as their users, in the process of the experience of the user to find out their advantages and disadvantages in the functional design, through the analysis of their main business model will have a certain grasp and understanding.

again, grasping the backbone of grasping the essence of the strengths and weaknesses of the rank analysis. Each site has the advantages of a combination of state, some of the strength of the function is very strong, and some features are missing, then according to the characteristics of the industry to carry out the relevant selection. Such as software trading platform in electronic commerce is a kind of special, it does not buy the necessities of life so simple, its unique way of delivery, online pre-sale service and customer service software upgrades and other features in the process doomed it will be more complicated, so the function we also need to make corresponding adjustment, and more the innovation. Electronic commerce is the most important transaction security system is the most important of these functions, to a large extent it directly determines the amount of transactions on the site. So in the analysis of these characteristics, they should be comprehensive rankings, such as enumerating the most indispensable and most need to strengthen the function of what. < >