Wang Yong traditional enterprises into e-commerce marketing is essential

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for Kelan diamond net vice president Wang Yong speech:

and I will take a minute for an advertisement, Kela diamond is set up by the end of 07, we provide the most well-being of the HD value of diamond products, the company of more than and 200 people, there are eight branches, so our aim is to make China women easily diamond dream, my speech start now. Why am I qualified, because I am engaged in electronic commerce for 12 years, did not die on the beach, I told Li Zhongwei not so academic, today I want to tell you is that as a sensibility in electronic commerce, the understanding of e-commerce. I want to talk about three issues, the first issue of electronic commerce for ten years, I have become the first year of the 2010 e-commerce e-commerce, e-commerce in 98 years, ten years ago, I believe that e-commerce is ill, why disease, ten years ago we do e-commerce is very simple in do, we have no additional the value of any, but I see a lot of people today, I would like to say that in addition to the one hundred strong outside our today’s speech to the new entrants have a little feeling of industry, I believe that in the new e-commerce enterprises to do two aspects, the first is the product of second links is an electronic marketing. Business new entrants, if you do not have this talent, you don’t have to do e-commerce, someone asked me, you do e-commerce, I told him, you have to understand the product


said that some traditional enterprises, I ask that you understand marketing people? He said I did not say you go to find you again to do e-commerce e-commerce is not late, no time, or sooner or later, so today is not too late to do tomorrow, no such problem, I hope for all the traditional industry to engage in e-commerce and all people want to ask two questions, are you ready? For what? I think there are two problems, the first question you the traditional supply chain reflect the concept of talent, second Internet marketing talent, I think the traditional commercial service than Internet service have strong sense of much, he of the traditional service consciousness is very strong, and we are not the advantages of the Internet, but why do we do better than they, causes damage to the traditional where, because We understand the new way of marketing and innovation, now many traditional enterprises to invest in electronic commerce, many people are blind, he invested tens of millions of electronic business investment, but he did not order, no sales, is always a paradox, a highlight, as a new electronic business people pay attention to this of course two hundred words, the electronic commerce, the most important thing is that I want to share with you the following second questions, I speak of the current e-commerce problems, I think e-commerce now there are two problems, the first problem as the traditional enterprise management, it is the entrepreneur is not willing to learn, we do we think of e-commerce, I am now when the boss how, in fact our management is very poor. We talk about the company, we must learn from their management of traditional industries.

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