The note points and online shop name

because the online shop goods are unable to contact with the hand, so many times a commodity or store name becomes the key to sales for the shop, an online seller, buyer is God, but can affect our sales there is a search engine, as a means of promotion please, we are nothing more than to search engines, maybe we will say that they do not know how to optimize the list is to optimize every day we do online, the most obvious one is about the online shop name set.

what kind of shop name is good it must at least meet the following requirements


1 name should be related to the store’s merchandise. For example, you are selling clothes, then your shop name as much as possible with the clothing related words.

2 can reflect the characteristics of the online shop, for example, what are the benefits of the shop or the nature of the things that can be used as a key word plus one eye, for example, the audience or 100% of the package post.

3 must be stable, to the grocery store, not today named clothes store tomorrow and into the shoes of the name, so the customer awareness is greatly reduced.


4 important legitimacy, not because of your ignorance and take some well-known brand names, is on the network infringement, in 2008, a company named "Zhejiang Bole electromechanical" shop "and because Zhejiang Bole electromechanical company" similar, suspected of false propaganda by the Bureau of industry and Commerce 10 thousand yuan punishment. There are some Industrial and Commercial Bureau banned, although the Internet does not require, to avoid trouble in the future but also try not to use.

should avoid the phenomenon:

Avoid using

1 numbers, no specific meaning English words name

2 to avoid unnecessary repetition, I have seen a great name, because Nike is the owner of the main selling shoes, so in front with a Nike XTEP 361° running shoes; monopoly, I think the seller means to achieve Nike search XTEP and 361° at the same time; when the three brands are there will be own shop, and it is not the right word may cause the search engine doesn’t crawl or give very low weight and the comparison of the position.

3 to avoid strange Chinese characters, why many artists will be renamed debut, to let everyone remember the name, this is a skill in the name, try to use common name easy to remember.

4 to avoid arbitrarily change the name, name sometimes is a living sign, as mentioned in the online shop have a sense, once get a good name is not free to change.

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