British man online shop turned millionaire

electronic commerce has the advantages of low cost, convenient, wide audience, so many people build up the family fortunes.

Mark · Radcliffe is a successful example, with the creation of the "Bei Bei" online store to become Britain’s first "million" millionaire.

variety of goods

Radcliffe is 30 years old, who lives in the coastal city of Southport. His shop First2save annual sales of 3 million pounds (about $4 million 210 thousand), nearly 36 thousand copies of monthly orders. Proud sales results make him one of the UK’s biggest "billion" vendors, ranking sixth in the world.

First2save total sales of more than 3700 kinds of goods. Variety of goods, including protein supplements, cell phone chargers, computer lines, all kinds of auto parts and train toys, etc..

, the British "Daily Mail" website 16, quoted Radcliffe as saying, "First2save", he plans to expand the existing 19 employees will be expanded to 34, in order to catch up with the now "eBay sales King 50 thousand monthly orders.

on Ferrari and Aston ·

Radcliffe opened the online store, is in charge of the intern Tesco supermarket, work 7 hours a day.

Ten years ago

access to online transactions in this new field, he decided to break away from nine to five, immutable and frozen life, work with savings of 200 pounds ($280) set up shop in the "eBay".

Radcliffe said he found the people around have a mobile phone, also need mobile phone accessories, so he took it as a way of earning money their first. After he sold computer accessories, business began to flourish.

In the early days of

, Radcliffe was able to load the goods in the garden hut. Four years later, the real Radcliffe in the Merseyside warehouse rent area of about 93 square meters of A.

Radcliffe has been from the ordinary company staff turned gorgeous as a millionaire. He lives in a value of 700 thousand pounds ($980 thousand) luxury car, also upgraded to 150 thousand pounds ($210 thousand) of Ferrari and 118 thousand pounds ($165 thousand) Aston · Martin.

Radcliffe’s success is inseparable from the internet. He said that the Internet has lowered the threshold of entrepreneurship, which means that anyone can start small, successful. In addition, the opening of the shop on the net than the risk of opening stores in the street.

Radcliffe’s tireless efforts and firm determination is the magic weapon. He did not succeed overnight, but did not stop, but in the process of continuous improvement.