Chanel to compress the central European price of luxury electricity supplier emergency price reducti


in the Chinese market price in the European market, the price is behind the international big brewing new ideas on the global market price. The narrowing of the spread at home and abroad, are crowding the living space of the luxury goods business. At this time, not only several domestic luxury electric emergency moves the price and city Alibaba, group chairman of the board Ma also ready to cut a cake of affordable luxury.

luxury electricity supplier should respond to the price of 30%

March 18th Chanel stores in China to implement a 20% price reduction strategy, and will be on the European counter price in April 8th increased by 20%, so that the spread of the EU to reduce to around 5%. At this time, at home and abroad for the competitive advantage of the price of luxury electric business, collective sit still.

Beijing Daily reporter found that Chanel after the price adjustment, the domestic electricity supplier Temple library luxury has been on the front page of the website to hang out at the top of this day has finally come, Chanel all bags straight down in the topic ", while Chanel each product marked" original "and" straight down the amount ", is very attractive to the eye. As a Chanel Le boy black striped bags previously priced at 31200 yuan, the price is 27449 yuan, down 3751 yuan, the price range of 12%.

Temple library brand marketing center director Zhu Xiaoxuan told the Beijing Daily reporter, temple library Chanel price has been lower than the domestic market price of 10-20 percentage points. The temple library has online store of Chanel bags price cut of about 10%-30%, part of the price of goods is lower than that of europe.

coincidentally, the Fifth Avenue luxury network was also cut on the site Chanel bags. As a counter to the original price of $30400 Chanel classic blue velvet cap package, the price is 25850 yuan.

positive consumer reflux and purchasing out

Chanel price has triggered a consumer boom. Shanghai Plaza store has been overcrowded in price on the same day, the weekend Beijing SKP Shin Kong Chanel stores outside the all-weather line. Nanjing, Hangzhou and many other stores are also queuing up in the field.

"this is a luxury consumption return signal." Fifth Avenue founder and CEO Sun Yafei told the Beijing daily reporter. She believes that the price of Chanel, the mainland luxury market began to pick up, market confidence has been boosted.

, however, vertical class electricity providers fear of crisis. Zhu Xiaoxuan said that those simply to earn the price difference for the purchase and C2C model business platform will be affected. Electricity providers are not afraid of the brand price, but fakes." Sun Yafei said.

Zhou Ting Dean

luxury industry expert, wealth Quality Research Institute also said that the price difference is the fundamental verticals for survival, and spread overseas counter sharply, will seriously squeeze the living space of the vertical. Vertical electricity supplier and purchasing channels may gradually fade out of the market." At the same time, a Hongkong high-end watches dealers also told the media that overseas purchasing.