Return to reason, the eight trends and problems of micro business in 2015

WeChat is the last trump card Tencent beat Ali, and micro business is one of the most important part. If the micro business does not turn to the media thinking from the sellers thinking, do WeChat undoubtedly equal to the mobile terminal to establish another Taobao, Taobao Taobao will eventually fail to resist thinking.


titanium media note: the curve of the development of micro business in 2015 will usher in what changes after a period of observation and analysis, the author of the titanium media Chu Wei believes that in 2015 the micro business may have the following eight trends:

has been the industry development of mixed derivative, is good, there are bad mouthing. But overall, the micro business has become an important branch of the mobile electricity supplier has become a consensus.

experienced a circle of friends by taking all kinds of micro shielding, fraud and selling tools to be exposed, the rise of the phenomenon of distribution platform, micro business began to gradually return to rational, more and more companies began to reach a consensus and "business ethics violations, or shoddy, or quit MLM, not disorderly, not hoard goods, not profits, not the cooked, shuabing.

curve of micro business development in 2015 will usher in what changes after a period of observation and analysis, I believe that in 2015 the micro business may have the following eight trends:

1, team size

micro business started based on the individual, in the circle of friends, and the chaos in the circle of friends. As more and more people join, product homogeneity is increasingly serious, such a small number of individual micro business was flooded, replaced by the huge advertising hit and the rise of large-scale teams. Ten years old, Han Qiao, Si Bu beam and other brands of night rising break a personal micro business venture dream team and group style war make derivative in the increasingly fierce competition, more and more businesses from C2C to B2C, or they retreat webs, or with each other.

behind the scale may also be a trap. The Horizon Research Consultancy Group Chairman Yuan Yue believes that the vast majority of micro business did not escape from the Alibaba era trading patterns, most of the micro business game player now is a "micro shop, no micro product", still no Internet products, most of the micro business "does not have what ambition". But in the future, everyone is micro business, micro shop will become the basic configuration of most individuals. This is undoubtedly in the warmth and to the micro business poured cold water.

2, user community

micro business is based on a mobile social trust economy. This community is based on the common interest and emotional resonance, it is not the logic of thinking that has millions of users, there will not be so high influence and appeal, it is more as a brand spokesperson role, businesses and businesses, communication between businesses and users of resources replacement and reputation. This "small and beautiful" community in a sense can be both the flow of the entrance, but also can become a new way of realization, such as: >