Want to become a required course for Wangzhuan master to learn

network to make money for a lot of people has become a reality, homes will be able to get a rich reward, how enviable life ah. However, for the initial network gold novice, first must learn to choose a secure web site, don’t sleepwalk was cheated out of his money. I suggest you go to the regular website to make money, income security. Here, the author teach you two strokes to see through informal website.

Hardware: to see whether the site has a business license, telecommunications business examination and approval of the proof of payment and detailed contact address. If there is a need to advance advance fee, I suggest that we do not go.

choose to protect the site may not be able to make money, I think the choice is very important to make their own way to make money. Here to recommend 6 kinds of real and reliable way to make money online, you want to make money friends may wish to try their resources and capabilities.

first: Internet shop selling things.

online shopping has become the mainstream shopping way, so many people seize the efficient way of network marketing. According to informed sources, now a lot of individual owners, government staff, white-collar workers, college students and so on, they all use their spare time to do business on the Internet, and rewarding.

Taobao, pat and other large trading platform is the first choice for you to shop, you can sell clothing, jewelry, toys, books and so on, but you have to be ready to supply. There is no source of friends, if you really want to open a shop on the Internet, you can also help others to sell goods from profit, which is a good choice.

second: do Witkey make money online.

There are two kinds of

Internet do Witkey way to make money, one is to undertake the task to make money, one is the marketing partner to make money.

undertake tasks need to rely on the real ability to make money. You need to have expertise in design, programming, planning, etc.. To undertake planning and programming tasks in a task Chinese website I half a year ago, earned nearly 10 thousand yuan, of which the Witkey task 8 standard, 3 standard bidding task, quick task by the employer asked 2 times, up nearly 9000 yuan, equivalent to 3 more than a month wages.

do marketing partners need to have a wealth of network resources. Recommend a friend to release the task, or recommend friends to undertake the task, you can get the appropriate commission.

third: to build their own personal website, put money on advertising

to build a personal website, a lot of people not only do webmaster hidden, you can also have some traffic on the site after the advertising to make money, this is a lot of people win amateur paid jobs.


website is really Wangzhuan, since once the NB website hao123 by Baidu to buy expensive, many people are doing personal webmaster dream. But I do not agree with