Ding Xiangyuan professional, academic just need to be a doctor

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I network operators in the world DXY note domestic pharmaceutical and Life Sciences was founded in 2000, the pace of commercialization began in 2006 after the company operation. Its business model from the perspective of the demand of doctors, pharmaceutical companies to mining.

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business model: unpredictable outbreak

founder Ding Xiangyuan Li Tiantian told the "world network operators · managers" magazine reporter, from 2000 to 2006 the birth of Ding Xiangyuan, Ding Xiangyuan’s team for investment only spent 150 thousand yuan. In 2006, with about 1000000 doctors and pharmacy staff members of the DXY has not yet found their business model. At that time, some members put forward the need to find a job. In order to meet the needs of the member’s desire to do our human resources recruitment.


users love to submit your resume, said job search in Lilac Garden, but only some small companies and non medical institutions to recruit people. At the time of the medical industry, doctors do not flow, no shortage of people in the hospital system, it is difficult to sell recruitment products. 2009 health reform started, but there is nothing on the market. The effect of health care reform did not show up until 4 years later. In 2013, Li Tiantian from the data in the background to see the doctor, and submit your resume to recruit people in public hospitals increased significantly, the hospital began to take the initiative to recruit people, and even began to dig academic leaders, public hospitals have to pay for the recruitment, call our products. Thus, after 7 years of accumulation, clove talent business outbreak.

in the past 7 years, has been on the talent platform in DXY clove technology. After 7 years of accumulation, accumulation, sales team, customer relationship customer service process has formed a complete system, to undertake to live outside the market predict the outbreak of demand, Li Tiantian emotion, although recruitment in 2006 not to earn money, but then started late in 2013. Now, the recruitment business revenue increased rapidly, has accounted for 1/3 of the income share of our.

2013, another long-term cultivation of the business has also ushered in a good growth. The beginning of 2008, our pharmaceutical companies started doing Internet marketing. Li Tiantian recalled, when they contact many multinational pharmaceutical companies, have heard the conception of Internet marketing, but do not know how to really do what. After 2 years of exploration, our only in 2010 the Internet marketing business independent. By 2013, the market really familiar with and understand the company Internet marketing, make the business grow quickly. During this period, our products, pharmaceutical companies to help the academic information to the doctor through membership network. In the one-way transfer process on the basis of the layout of the next step to our.

because of the pharmaceutical companies is hope to understand the doctor’s feedback and ideas, based on the doctor of medicine, treatment methods, guidelines, expert consensus and the acceptance of the idea of big data business started, our mobile phone companies.