Baidu Alliance invites you to participate in ndustry Report


Hello: Baidu affiliate,

thanks to your support and love, Baidu alliance invites you to participate in the activities report.

by participating in the report, your website can get the following value:
1. website content added: can obtain authoritative report content, as the content of the website, the report content has great reference value on the site.
2.: the influence of advertisers with the contents of the report, and the major league affiliate certification, have the opportunity to become the recommended site, the LOGO will appear in the report in print, allowing advertisers to direct attention to the website, so as to enhance the value of advertising.
3. report content: according to the different levels of authentication, access to the report of the short version / electronic version, all the content or report printed matter.
4. integral gift: the site has not been a major league certification, can get 500 points; through green certification, can get a total of 1500 points; gold gold certification, can get a total of 2500 points; through diamond certification, can get a total of 3500 points.
5. collaboration links: access to the opportunity to join the link.
6. review opportunities: the content of the report with the site CEO or editor, have the opportunity to be invited to participate in the theme of the report review activities, the comments will be displayed in

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