Upside down, left and right opposite Google AdSense ad

      the last Simon in the small defects of Google AdSense border a border mentioned in the emergence of some small defects and errors, the Simon found that one does not know is not wrong, or deliberately show this to get unexpected results.


      we all know that the AdSense team has been testing every kind of style of advertising, of course, link text style is one of a key test, but the link text upside down, the opposite may be quite curious about. What this style is the innovation, or system error? Simon no one answer, but as the advertising text "stand out from the crowd", the advertising effect does reach rise head and shoulders above others pay no attention to it, let me very difficult.



      AdSense advertising test in addition to the above the upside down, right opposite Google advertising, surely we have seen a Congratulations! AdSense ad test!? Simon read several times, the ad is said please do not approve or disapprove of this advertisement, this is a test AdSense. But the test is to see who? Advertisers? Website? AdSense



      Simon also wrote a letter asking about the destination of the ad, but did not get a detailed answer. Here is the test ad copy:


below for the reference:
Congratulations />Please not approve or this ad. it ‘s testing adsense for

      Author: Simon


      original source: Adsense traditional Chinese observation station – Internet money blog


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