College students talk about shop experience

I am a college in Guangdong province 08 e-commerce professional students. In March 13, 2008, Taobao officially has its own shop, into the Taobao this magical world". E-commerce in China’s rapid development, especially C2C, in China there are 2 periods of e-commerce is "spring" is a SARS period, and the other is the current global economic crisis. I personally engaged in local specialty industry, I hope to have a lot of friends interested in communication with me. Here is my shop more than a year to sum up a little bit of experience, we hope to help!

1, shop the most important thing is to find a good baby and stable supply

I have

in the store to sell our County Arts and crafts Weixian County paper-cut, game cards, Flyke sports shoes apparel, all attempts failed. Crafts consumer groups is limited after all, and the online shopping consumer groups are generally young age; a game is very difficult to find sources, another is through long-term observation I, too much fraud in this industry, a single product is not profit; Flyke sports footwear and clothing of this kind is not very good after all, he was a college student, won’t be able to use large amounts of money to purchase directly, and the same style what size different, it also needs to each number, so down investment is also great, of course, this is only for my poor students. After a long period of observation and practice, finally found the local native industry has great development potential, in twenty-first Century, people pay more and more attention to health, green, the original ecological food! Local native itself is very distinctive, so the market is very large, and the native products, the life cycle is relatively long, there is no popular or not. Others ride horses to find donkeys, and I firmly believe that I am riding a horse!

I personally think the shop election industry, should not choose the industry just started, it is best not to choose the industry has been white hot competition. The best choice has successfully passed the industry production period, in the development period, is our best time.

2, shop another important point is how to deal with logistics issues

find a relatively fast speed, and the cost of logistics is also very difficult. It’s even harder for me, the only express company in our county has closed down this year. I now take all the goods through the post office, due to the limitations of the environment, to my business has brought great inconvenience.

3, shop open, but the promotion is not an easy thing

actually open a shop is relatively easy, a lot of friends and I often communicate how to shop. But I think the most difficult thing is to promote, how to let more people know our products, know our shop. Some of these skills, I suggest that we go to Taobao university to learn something in this area, after all, there are some successful experience of the people, I am not here to mislead you. I just want to remind you:

1, the title of the key word to effectively use;