Web site can not bear the weight of the vertical portal entrepreneurship three blood training


the Internet this line, there is no interest in the grass root Indoorsman difficult to adhere to the spirit of the people.

fortunately, so many years down, barely considered a mouthful of rice, do not have to run around for a little time.

if ten years ago and after ten years what is the same, that is still love the Internet, and in this line of struggle. From a high school to become a family, we generally only over that age old webmaster can appreciate the persistence and sad.

I was looking at the figure of the king, who is the same person in the same way when A5 was founded.

webmaster circle is a circle of confusion, there are high-end hero, the more numerous the wilderness. Once because of such injury even to withdraw from the wilderness of the only love the industry, that persisted.

opening is a bit long winded, a little long, signs of old.

recently made a global network in the vertical portal project circle, took office, pull a group of people, really want to engage in something, look back when the formal operation of three months, search data is not optimistic.

we all know that big data can only rely on the SEO website look long, here I made a big mistake, even more serious is the practice itself is not in place, resulting in more errors.

error 1: the wrong partner, the partner from the side by the candidate. In the early days of a group of people, most serious dereliction of duty, even the founding partners are playing soy sauce lazy. In vain have the training cost, content group work into the copy and paste directly and very shallow pseudo original. At last I force when the pure original article, made out of even a sentence is not fluent in reading. But under the first wave of troops to replace all.

error 2: Founder lazy, regulation is not in place, the principle of absolute trust in entrepreneurship, the result of absolute decentralization led to the absolute collapse. Team in two months less than the data began to plummet, and there are very obvious signs of power down, down to the most serious degree is even the brand name in Baidu are lost.

error 3: do not pay attention to the details, when partners did not send someone’s maintenance, that the initial portal base less foreign material. This can also be seen on our page, and did not do a complete system development of the final page. Aware of these issues, we immediately set up a media position, while eliminating errors in the site’s pages, while strengthening the second version of the full development.

This project is

above the blood of training, advice you webmaster details from the start, at the same time perfect every detail, timely correction, the Internet is a living skills, be sure to yourself, insist on doing the content and promotion attitude.

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