Why is the Twitter blind entrepreneurial success

original author: Ryan Hoover, founder of Product


recently has the article: to determine the product market, the need to clear the product can solve the problem. But this problem on Twitter body, it may be difficult to get an accurate answer. Even if the founder of Twitter is difficult to describe the purpose of the product, not to mention how the future development of the product.

What is

Twitter? It is said to be a social network, some people call it a mini log (microblogging), but it seems to be difficult to define, because it is not an alternative to existing products. Understanding the process of Twitter is a process of discovery, the need for users to slowly understand this product. – Ev Williams (one of the founders of Twitter)

so how do these startups start with what seems to be a funny idea, a step to success?

last month, I saw the former Summize and Twitter executives Abdur Chowdhury. He is currently a "Pushed" App Co CEO. Over the past year and a half, Chowdhury set up a team of six people, the experimental product design and production. They designed a three application, but are not open to the public release, the team itself denied the application.

each time the previous application is rejected, the team takes the experience gained from it into the next thought. The team hopes to keep the action flexible, in their view, although the product failed, but if you can learn from it, but also a way of progress.

as for the latest product design, Abdur admits that this is a very strange design, they call this application "Gummy".

Gummy is a mobile app, users can use it to generate "Gummy", an electronic card, passed to the nearby friends. Application in the transmission of the two sides can meet the distance, through GPS or Bluetooth transmission of electronic cards.

I wonder how they came up with this strange idea. Abdur explains:

"I was in the room and the team gather product ideas through divergent thinking, a mobile team of engineers, Ben, put forward the fragmentation of media and people’s life together the idea. The idea was absurd, but bold enough, so we tried to practice it."

a week later, the team took out the original version of the Gummy application.

in the absence of communication with people outside the team, did not do market research, did not try to create a login page to test whether it can attract users to register on the premise that they come up with the application of semi-finished products.