2010 Wangzhuan owners 10 things you need to know

in 2009 after the reshuffle, has come in 2010, there will be a great event and some webmaster related, mainly reflected in the following ten aspects, each one thing happened, for the webmaster is an opportunity and challenge.

first: the state’s supervision of personal sites continue to increase

2010 for the supervision of personal website will increase, such as record information authenticity of the audit, the implementation of a special forum for the record, I believe will be put in place at the same time, the monitoring for illegal information website will also increase, for copyright, PW, virus, hacker websites will be the target of.

second: Adsense to open shop will be greatly increased

does not survive the webmaster, will divert attention, to enter the shop, because the webmaster familiar with some site knowledge, but also good at promoting technology, choose the shop is the best way, mainly in Taobao, on these platforms open shop without fear of filing difficult problem will not exist in the illegal information, also not be Baidu " ", not to pull hair; watch shop will be no reason to shut down. As long as did the regular site, do not take care of all accidents, you need to do is focus on the choice of good products, good shop promotion, do online customer service work on the line.

third: part of the owners say goodbye to the era of personal webmaster, will go to large sites or enterprises to work

in the country increasingly strict regulation of website profit more difficult circumstances, some owners give up full-time personal website of the idea, because he is fond of the network, so they will choose to go to some large commercial sites or when the enterprise website administrator, secure with a fixed salary.

fourth: some of the economic strength of the electronic commerce, industry, local website

part of the economic strength of the owners, to start planning their long-term goals, began to observe some promising regular site types, such as electronic commerce, industry segmentation website, local subdivision website, provide some service websites. At the same time according to their own advantage and ability to choose their own operating site Project.

fifth: some SF class profits will be transferred to foreign countries to operate

in the face of national policy, some illegal profiteering sites in the country has been without a place to shelter oneself, they put these sites transferred abroad to operate, although in the optimization and the speed is not satisfactory, but because of fewer competitors, and the market demand is still very large.

sixth: search engine optimization will be more and more difficult to do

since Baidu wind nest after the start, believe that the webmaster is aware of Baidu’s own products, weight increased, in front of the row is their own products such as Baidu, Baidu encyclopedia, and the quality of the content of the increasingly high demand, more and more attention to the user experience, it is difficult to obtain for the new website good row >