The development of profit model of 09 years personal forum

also has access to the Internet for 7 years, do stand for a few years from now, the network, install the software as simple as website, phpwind, discuz, Dvbbs, Dede, and many other excellent websites Empire free program let ordinary users can easily set up their own website. Then more and more people into the ranks of the webmaster, the problem is also facing more and more about the promotion, SEO, SEM, are constantly developing.

traditional advertising profit model basically no what is the role of small owners, a month can not earn much money, of course, here refers to the regular standing friends, garbage station, short-term money throwing station will not forget. Do not like a few years ago, the union, the amount of deduction is serious, it is difficult to make a regular stand breakthrough earnings. Especially the forum for the webmaster, in the first half of the 08 years SNS become fashionable for a time, BBS is not only difficult to promote the development of more and more difficult to increase user stickiness. In the new year, the forum personal profit model is not really a breakthrough? Not two years ago, one of my friends, he had to do is auto forum at first and most website, through cooperation and some auto companies display advertising to profit, but the profit is also fixed a straight very low. Until last year, he changed the mode of profit so that I have to think, do vertical class forum owners should broaden their profit model, I think it should be called carrier mode. What is the carrier model by combining your forum and a certain kind of products to achieve a profit of the forum is to reflect the specific performance of the carrier.

specifically, for example, my friend is the car to do the kind of forum, a lot of plate is a type of car, so when his forum has certain popularity and fixed users after a certain, he can be combined with a carrier to achieve the forum marketing, toy factory this carrier and his choice is a the model, finally through the forum to achieve sales models into, so as to achieve a new marketing mode. Of course, different users of the forum is not the same, loyal users of the automotive Web site is a part of the car to buy white-collar workers, first, with a certain amount of spending power. Second, love itself on the same car, of course, of course, love and models of cars. So we do vertical class BBS webmaster can combine their own user groups and user groups to the ability to plan their own profit model and the direction of development.

may actually have a lot of webmaster have done so, I just say let everyone know. Does the vertical class is suitable for personal webmaster to do, because the ordinary people could not attend, then the basic shape of the portal, want to share a little cake is not possible.

focus station thinking hope you 09 years arrogant soaring. Welcome to join us in the exchange of marketing and marketing strategies.