A small woman graduated this year two business income of 6210 yuan a small sum of experience

Hello, I am Taobao red clay village shop shopkeeper fish plush red clay! In March this year, the students are looking for work, I have to find a job as a clerk, working for two months, resigned, because too bullied, said clerk, have done anything out of order. The boss wants me to be a superman. So I quit my job and went home.

home crying, the mother said that your aunt the recent lack of people in the store, you first go to her store to do it, has been at home is not a way out to regulate mood. My aunt is a plush toy store, because now is the season of plush toys, aunt next to many shops business is not good, our business is not good. I have nothing to do in the shop, all day in the Internet chat movie. See the online publicity shops, Taobao what, suddenly my inspiration comes, why don’t I use next to the toy also opened a Taobao store? Discuss with aunt, support me, anyway idle is idle, there is a culture (aunt said), it is better to help store some goods.

said to do it, registered account, online banking, buy Wang shop, the process is not to say, we must be clear. I also find a better day, while watching online tutorials, while finally put into the shop. Thank you friends to help me design shop Mr. Lin. Free shop products add Oh ~ ~ ~ June 1st finished, opened in June 2, 2010! Of course, is to help me buy Mr. Lin. Ha-ha。 But always rely on friends to buy is not the answer! So I hate this two months of study, in addition to good luck, the daily daily sales soared, my aunt happy, my heart will sing. The following focuses on how I operate it!

I think the shop would like a good business, is the three: 1, good goods, shop decoration good 3, good publicity. Really, I usually like to sum up. From big to small summary. I found that these three. Just hold on. Aunt’s source is quite good. First solved. Second elder brother to help me solve donglin. (*^__^*) hee hee……. The key is propaganda. This has to rely on their own! In the afternoon, I said how publicity!

a circle of friends to spread.

use friends, more publicity their shops, always better. About 5% of sales.

two, use the website to promote

said many online tutorials post, email, blog what, but these are not good at, do not know how, is a friend of Donglin brother, he has a website called a fool Taobao, he asked his friend to help me make a link on the front page. Of course, after all, is the East brother’s friend, do not give money really guilty, pay a fee for each month. One of their own, discount, O (a _ U) O~. I like this website, the arrangement is complete, the design is very beautiful, practical. So a lot of people visit, in this case, buyers from this site into my shop every day to reach 10>