A fish share Taobao shop to make money a few tips

as e-commerce continues to rise, there is a shop open to make easy money ideas in Taobao online are more and more, but because of "deteriorating" Taobao customer environment, many previously engaged in Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan guest have into the shop money industry. But do you really want to open the shop and we want to be as easy? Of course not, in the online shop to sell things may even be more than a hundred times to open the store. Today, a fish to share their own online shop in Taobao to open some of the experience and experience, I hope to be able to open the hearts of the friends of Taobao to make money a little help!

in fact, the difficulty is not to open the shop to build and beautify the shop as well as the decoration of the goods on the Internet, the real difficulty lies in the promotion of online marketing.

first: shop decoration to beautiful

no matter what, people always like the good, for a Taobao shop is also the same. You think about it, if you enter a chaotic shop, you will be shopping here, you must think that the shop is so bad, sure that the goods are also very bad. So a beautiful decoration Taobao shop is a crucial part of marketing

second: shop goods need novelty

At present a lot of

into the shop industry friends are doing what most cards sold or is men’s women’s and other goods, the goods currently on Taobao, although the sales volume is large, but the competition is not small, for our novice sellers is very difficult and all the old PK sellers, so here I suggest we might sell everything the recent novel creative or special goods, these goods have both sales and not big businesses to compete. But this kind of supply to where to find it, I recommend here a good source of supplies Daquan website site. With a beautiful shop decoration and quality supply, we do not worry about what to sell, then the next look at third points.

third: the use of promotional psychology

many times we often see what Taobao shopping 1 yuan auction goods, we usually feel that such a shop selling things, this is not losing money earned crying? Oh, right, right, is losing money earned crying, right should make a lot of money to earn a lot of money. Imagine, we saw this kind of cheap quality goods will pay more attention, and some even their shop, so the store can accumulate a lot of popularity, wait until the goods after we have seckill seckill, to customers may also be in the store and spinning around look at other commodities, it would likely push the sales of other goods


open shop skills and experience there are many, as long as we learn to continue to learn and analysis, you can get a lot of experience and experience. Another competitor is also a good way to analyze. Oh, because time is late, today is here, thank you! feeds by www.ddhy123.com!