Man selling mosquito popular network 250 thousand in exchange for foreign exchange paid

6 dollars can buy what? "A liter of gasoline, three or half a catty of pork, sitting in air-conditioned car!" in Ning Nan here, maybe you can buy a dead mosquitoes. "Sell so expensive, because it is personally killed." Since June 19th, he issued the first mosquito body on the network after the sale of information, within 48 hours of this commodity has been a browse of the 200 thousand, there are tens of thousands of people took him personally killed mosquitoes".

after the major forums, netizens unanimously evaluation, this is a classic business planning, and even can be credited to MBA tutorial.

Ning Nan disagree, there are two companies in Guangdong and Shanghai paid him to do business planning, one of which is a foreign company in australia. "It’s all about what I’m selling mosquitoes." Until yesterday, he did not promise any one of the invitation, because selling mosquitoes is the first step, he said the whole process is carefully planned, things have been in accordance with their own expectations in the development of. "I have to rely on planning to let the Chinese all know me, then I can sell anything to make money."

was a mosquito bite to "sell" Jiehen

Ning Nan said he born with edge and mosquitoes. "From what I remember, one summer on the leg full of mosquito bag." To this day, he can still see the mark on his leg. "Strange itch extremely ah, always unconsciously to grasp, the last is scar." As he grew up, he found that everyone could not escape the topic of "mosquito" every year. Dragon Boat Festival this year to go home, the mother was found on the legs of Nanjing Ning is a mosquito bites of the package, he persuaded him to buy a mosquito net. "I can’t wait to sell mosquitoes to buy mosquito nets." Ning Nan later recalled, he was on the mother casually said, don’t care about that. Coincidentally, the Ning Nan has just resigned from a company, intends to rely on their own learning plan professional start empty-handed.

because of the working relationship, he intends to sell a million yuan on the net worth of Burma jade." Quite profitable jade business, is a big reason prompted him to resign. One of the biggest problems that can be opened online shop in front of him – popularity is too low, although only 24 years old, may have been more than the South has tried a number of industries – from planning to sales, and then to management. In the face of different categories, he summed up a little, in the commodity is extremely rich in this era, the sale is the eye!

how to attract more eyeballs? Ning Nan again in his room "planning", since he graduated from a key university in Shanghai, and like many young people, full of whimsy, but always have no place to play, and work has been repressed self thinking.

"bang!" and kill a mosquito, Ning Nan mouth dunang side while cleaning up the bodies of mosquitoes. When the dead mosquito is about to enter the trash, Ning Nan was attracted to the small things in front of the. "I’ve been stung for more than 20 years, but I’ve never seen it." I can’t remember the number he killed. Suddenly, an idea came out of his mind