Look at porn sites to make money

this article does not specifically discuss how to establish a membership system, membership fees and other ways to earn money, but to explore the porn site planning and management and marketing of the similarities and differences compared to ordinary websites.

this article is to see this article to learn how to make money after the porn site inspired.

At a multimedia conference in London,

, the operator of the porn site, proudly said to mainstream web operators, "come on, learn how to make money online." Indeed, those e-commerce websites need to "learn" – porn sites pornographic website this is not only because the earliest beginning to recognize the opportunities brought by the Internet, and these websites have know-how to make money online is much higher than the mainstream website.

Amazon, the Internet giant, has not been able to make a profit for four years, and the vast majority of porn sites can start making money at the start of the first six months of the year. The vast majority of large porn sites profit margins are not less than 20%. Private, which is listed on the Nasdaq stock market, has an annual growth rate of more than 200% in the Internet business, with a net profit of just over $29% in the first quarter. The Canadian Casa Rosso company, gross margin reached 20%.

porn sites have long focused on making profits, because most porn sites have to rely on their own cash flow to survive and develop. As the global and multinational enterprises, most of the pornography office set up in low wage countries, such as Czech Republic, in order to avoid the EU high wages and rigid labour laws. In order to achieve profitability as soon as possible, porn sites are always in the forefront of the development of Internet technology. They are the biggest consumers of bandwidth, as they were the first to use online video technology to deliver pornographic movies to the user’s personal computer. In addition, pornography from the beginning of the operation on the strict cost, and those mainstream sites often have to wait until the company was cut off, was aware of the need to control costs. Long ago, you should understand porn sites to do the simple, easy to navigate, these sites are the earliest Internet companies by Java software program (using the Java software program so that users do not need to install the plug-in program you can play video content on the computer).

summary, pornography is a theme planning people’s instinctive needs, two, will be the first to introduce technology into the market, the cost of control, four, the site is simple, clear profit model. In fact, the details, the management of pornographic websites is still very useful for reference: 1, strict management of membership, strict restrictions on the release of advertising posts and links with the reply. It seems that all the forums should try to avoid the problem of advertising and water paste. The following is a forum declaration: advertising, virus, irrigation has nothing to do with the trouble, made version of the content as well as other violations of rules to delete all signal processing. Each of the 5 posts, less than 5 will be deleted