Alternative CPA operating skills sharing

This is my own

skills to help others do in the new era, later due to the accumulation of knowledge Wangzhuan, summing up their own. If you think it is feasible, you will act immediately, immediately to the operation of first-class projects, the implementation of the three flow, you can not make any money, and the flow of the project, the implementation of the three, you can also make money.

CPA project is to let others do the task, such as clicking on your ads to register, or click on the ad you do after the completion of the download task. So, when we choose the CPA project, it is easy to choose other people to complete, or willing to complete the download, so that we will have more money to earn!

how to operate? The Firefox download done with Wang Tong, I think its effective operation skills are of two kinds:

1, optimization of the keyword

Firefox browser, Firefox or related keywords, such as Firefox download, the Firefox browser related keywords to optimize the search engine home page, for example, Baidu search page, then, as long as people search for these keywords, the intent is clear, is to download, he isn’t it the most willing to do in the page click on your download! But the general optimization master needs to understand SEO to be able to operate together, not suitable for beginners


2 this is to allow the novice can operate, but some investment. What do you do? That is to Witkey, can release the task site release task, will you do the CPA project operation steps need to write clearly, let others tasks as you say to do. Here are two ways, one is moral, one is immoral. Unethical practice is someone to help you complete the task, you identified as unqualified, the money you have received the hand, so much of him, though, however, there are still many shortcomings, when seen through your tricks, few people do to help you, so I do not advocate this approach. A comparison of the moral practice is to deduct a certain amount of, or even no deduction amount can be, for example you release the task, if others help you do all you can to earn 4 yuan of money, then you do the task to 1 yuan or 2 yuan, in short, as long as you can make money, even if 3.8 can be, each person earns 0.2 a day, as long as there are hundreds of people to help you, for a month you will earn thousands of


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