Taobao guest selection is the most important method

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A5 published an article on how to make money off through the Taobao article, although it is the sharing of experience, but there are a lot of people on me, the reason is very simple, a lot of friends to see that wonderful orders have screenshots of envy, but also some sour envy, so in such a way to vent. I understand this, after all, I have done such a thing. In order to prevent being trampled again, I do not map, but to talk about their own Taobao guest to do a little real feelings.

a lot of people do their love to Taobao through the optimization of a single page, if you use this method can definitely make a year ago, but is no longer a single page of gold. Now, open Baidu to enter a more popular keywords, you will find that in the first three pages there are a lot of single page do Taobao products and design the site of the station, the same, the people looked upset. Imagine how such a fierce competition will produce violence, it may be hard for a year or even a space rent can not earn. Therefore, if you do not have extraordinary skills, I suggest that you should carefully consider using a single page to do Taobao. Such sites as chicken ribs, tasteless gesture.

Taobao customer development today has become a mainstream Wangzhuan project, is not only a personal webmaster, even the major portals and mainstream software have also joined the army of amoy. Compared with these strong competitors, we can only feel powerless and frustrated, after all, the power of grassroots webmaster is very limited. I believe that in order to do a lot of achievements by Taobao customers must find their own promotion methods.

For example,

was a good writer, can prepare an excellent soft Wen, then spread to every corner of the Internet through the Witkey platform, so can also bring great income. There are friends who are programming experts, will write software, it may wish to try their own promotion link into the free software, as long as there are enough users are not afraid of money. Like popular, PPTV and other ways to increase revenue in this way. I have seen a big brother will not SEO, every day on the major platform to answer the question, and then leave their own links to the site, so that a simple way to make him a good income.

do Taobao test is a person’s ability to sell, and in order to sell the product out, there are more than one method. Blindly follow the trend will only let us lose direction, find the most suitable for their own way is the shortcut to success.

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