How to develop offline and offline

make a lot of friends today alone to struggle, and his own line never contacted, when they are confused, on the road in Wangzhuan confused, how can you hope on-line and contact, discussion. This confused period I believe that all members have experienced, so how to deal with the line is an important topic in wangzhuan. How to deal with it offline


has just joined at the beginning of the line, because the assembly line on this site is not very understanding, at this time they are most in need of help. So you give them help, they will be grateful to you from the heart, but also to their future work enthusiasm. Of course, with the increase in the line, you may not reply to them in time, but not in time does not mean that no reply. Not only to be responsible for the assembly line, and when the downline to get the results of the time for their sincere wishes, happy for them. Because they have achieved success, it means you have achieved success. Otherwise, if you turn a blind eye to the development of their downline, downline how long do? Your income has come from?

When the

line team some widely Wangzhuan friends understand and be familiar with, or about 3 months later, this time how to deal with the line is more important, because this time is offline when the development of the line of the start, you should teach him how to develop offline, which method is most effective. When you want to do a web page or blog, you should provide as much help as possible. Off the assembly line is your income, you have to grasp.

these are the way to go offline:

1, from the people around you with your friends, relatives and friends of the students, if the people around you can see you through the Wangzhuan profit, they will also join Wangzhuan of this group, and these are your first line

2, QQ mass. Now QQ can imagine how many users are online, there are special mass QQ software, you can ask your friends bulk materials; can also add some groups, then send these materials to the group or the group members; you can also use the QQ message authentication information to others about these chat rooms; it is also a good choose. In short, your purpose is to let these people come into contact with these Wangzhuan information, let more people to join the group to

3, mass mail. Have you noticed that your mailbox will often receive some rather baffling letter, this is the charm of mail promotion, now there are many online mail search group software, e-mail group software letter very fast, every hour can send 50000 letters. You can use the "tiger billion mail software" in the exploration of scanning master, master, master software such as search to find a large number of e-mail address, and then use the mass mailing software master, postman send out your web links and information, my personal email address proved this its own propaganda effect was found very good! Once again remind you, don’t write their own column from the real address, just write a line of

4, the Forum on the material