Qi run advertising network advertising model update (pop recommended)

keyrun do N long. Although many people do not love, but I used to do his pop. They used a week for normal operation, if you put their trash pop, every week income hundred pieces.

Qi run advertising network advertising model is greatly improved. The big update (pop pop, playing back the effect is really good)

they stand fast access to N fast, which will not affect the site visit.

registration please point me in!


KeyRun.com advertising network important update announcement

Spring Festival is approaching, Qi run ad network to the 2 years old birthday! In the past 2 years, Qi run ad network thanks to the majority of owners and advertisers support.

in order to complete the various promotion plan for advertisers, to enable more website owners to maximize the traffic into revenue, Qi run ad network has been in mode and method to explore the tireless efforts of the new. During the Spring Festival holiday on the occasion of Qi run ad network for 2 years since the biggest update, Qi run through the system can update the hope advertising for the two sides to provide more effective services.

The following is the main part of

website update and illustrate the need for site owners with a comprehensive update:

ad code, the ad code in March 1, 2007 0 total failure, please replace the majority of owners during the billing code, old code is still valid, but the system is no longer provided old advertising code;

new ad code will exist in the form of scheme, site owners can choose a size such as 468*60 in those advertising activities. That is to say, the code will not simply an advertising campaign code, new ad code is a series of advertising solutions, can be a fixed display advertising can also be multiple ads to refresh the carousel. For the same IP access different advertising qirun for billing, so in the development of new ad code, choose several appropriate methods to improve the income of advertisement is the most simple;

new ad code to support online editing, you can complete in you need to increase or decrease the advertisement when only need to operate without updating has been put on the web page code (floating effects except);

comprehensive update window advertising code, all kinds of pop ads code is still valid in the past in March 1, 2007 0, the new code pop into a unified exit popups code, remove popups and display popups, tests show that the success rate of back shells are higher than the previous rate and the rate of display pop-up pop-up.

new code either pop or click on the ads will ever have higher efficiency, that is to say under the same flow may get a higher income, the new advertising code is very suitable for PV high station sub pages of a large-scale launch.  

hopes to update the system to make the site owners have a better experience and access to higher income!
> the last wish