Seconds depending on CEO Zhou Kaiwen the game is the core of 90 social

a year ago, 92 year old Zhou Kaiwen released his independently of the social software Piner, when the Guangzhou angels contacted him, he should not think, after a year, he will settle down in the city, and buddies with pioneering work. He founded the instant messaging application seconds (CatchChat) has been a favorite of young users, especially after 90, and in a very short period of time to get tens of millions of dollars in investment. What is the difference in the team after 90 seconds as a result of the rapid rise of WeChat, unfamiliar street and other social heavyweights in the eyes of 90 entrepreneurs after 90 users and how is it?

(Second Team)

92 years CEO and his little friends

seconds, depending on the team is a typical 90 team: members are mostly 90 and 90 after 90, Zhou Kaiwen 92 years, the designer is a, Android engineer is a. Although young, but their experiences and stories are not simple.

junior high school, Zhou Kaiwen and friends to talk about a very popular topic, but often talk about the topic: how to succeed, but the final answer unexpectedly – how to succeed is a false proposition, not the pursuit of success and success can be obtained, but when you love a thing, to do this thing, to become a superior man after additional judgment, wealth, fame, are so, and this is how a society want to instill, seeking a result, if the pursuit of identity, it will embed this huge machine, tied up, can not move.

started with the answer, he changed his way of doing things and thinking, he no longer aspire to university, no longer aspire to the understanding of universal values, but want to get their own identity. An evening in a night high before, he is running in the playground, looking at the distance of the rising moon, make a plan when he finished the college entrance examination, not for their own future to anyone to compromise with a year’s time, to learn all the knowledge he completed a product, need second years to make a representation of the product to get attention, for third years, launched a popular user especially for young users love software.

in order to fulfill the plan to oneself, when parents want him to review when admitted to a first-class university, he said: "my future plan is very clear, don’t compromise your hope, if not support, I can only leave the house." Finally, the parents compromised.


was in college, he settled all the teachers, do not go to school, stay on the knowledge they need in the dormitory every day, as long as it is awake, are trying to improve, thinking of things to do, just a bunch of meals and a drop of vegetables. All through the night, the next one or two weeks, became the main theme of his life, this year, did not do any other things.

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